Prince Charles Tests Positive for COVID-19


The latest news says that The Prince of Wales has been identified as a COVID-19 patient.

The British crown is expecting the 71 years old Prince Charles as the next in line. So, it is not a wonder that many are worried over this news. Since he has been showing only mild symptoms of a COVID-19 patient, it can be assumed at the moment that he is not in a serious condition.

Since he was identified as infected with the virus, he moved to Scotland to practise self-isolating at a royal state. Despite this condition, the palace states that he has been doing his work without going out for the past few days. However, the Clarence House Office brings the good news that his wife Camilla is not a victim of the virus.

The incubation period for the virus can range from 5 to 14 days. However, it is not confirmed yet when exactly Prince Charles started to show symptoms. Once the exact date is known, it might trigger alerts for others who have been in touch with him during those days.

Monaco’s head of state, Prince Albert announced that he has been infected, nine days after Prince Charles met with him on March 10 in London. However, it cannot be confirmed whether it was this meeting that resulted in the unfortunate incident, given the large number of appointments the Prince has to deal with on a weekly basis.

This news in turn generates concerns for the Queen. The admirers of the royal family are probably praying for the Queen to be safe and sound. According to the palace, the last time the Queen had an engagement with the Prince was 13 days ago, on 12th March, for a private meeting. They met before that on 9th March, at a public gathering. While the Queen remains healthy, she is following the proper instructions to keep herself healthy.

While the news remains as such, the Queen was transferred from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle five days ago, as part of the self-isolating process. This precaution will help the 93 year old Queen to stay away from the virus.

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