Different Hairstyles For Dog Everyday To Cope With The Lockdown

Different Hairstyles For Dog Everyday To Cope With The Lockdown

Many of our lives have changed a lot due to the current pandemic, Coronavirus. Hannah Heil and her husband are also going through so much change. They have never worked in their home for more than a day. Quarantine has forced them to pack up their stuff that they had worked hard for over a decade and relocate them to a small hobby farm.

They enjoy spending time with their close friends but they manage to restrict their urges and stay calm during the quarantine. It’s quite natural for anyone to find it difficult to cope with the fact that they wouldn’t be able to earn or perform on their jobs efficiently as before. Heil too is going through these tough situations.

However, Hannah has found a creative way to cope with all these lonely blues. She attempted to do hairdos on their dog, Hank. The pup patiently and happily lets his owner play with his hair. Hannah wanted to share her wholesome experience with the world, so she created an Instagram account. She would upload these moments and says that she will continue to do so until their lives return back to normal.

Hannah had many plans before getting quarantined. Their grandmother’s 100th birthday is going to be in the month, but sadly they had to cancel the big celebration. However, when the family sees these cute hairdos on their dog, it makes them all happy, fun and connected.

“Gammy loved animals, and I think she probably would have enjoyed these pictures also,” Hannah said.

#1 Dressed for the Sunday brunch (Day4)

#2 The Exotic Hank (Day16)

#3 Hank, Manager at Home Office Relations (Day5)

#4 yaba Daba Doo! (Day6)

#5 It Self-care Sunday! (Day10)

#6 No one leaves the house! (Day7)

#7 Day1

#8 Captain Black Pearl (Day9)

#9 Free Tarot reading! (Day13)

#10 Tauntaun (Day15)

#11 Moo? (day11)

#12 Toilet Paper Anyone? (Day2)

#13 Punk Rock (day3)

#14 CastAway (day9)

#15 No more DRINKS! (Day18)

#16 Chef Hank (Day#)

Image Credits: hank_hairstyles

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