50 Real-Life People That Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters

Real-Life People That Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters

We all have our favorite cartoons that we used to watch as kids and we still watch them as adults. Didn’t you ever wonder what these cartoon characters would look like as a real person? Here are some of the 50 real-life people who look a lot like your cartoon characters. Take a look.

#1 Flash from Zootopia

Do you remember the sloth from the movie Zootopia? And now look at her. I mean…..just look! You will see the resemblance. 

Nevertheless, the girl looks actually cute just like Flash. The way they smile and the eyes. Wow.

#2 Carl from Up

Do you remember the old adorable man from UP? I know you wished to see the real-life version of him. And guess what? We found him! Look how adorable he is just like the cartoon version. The resemblance is on point. Only if there was a real-life version of Russel, they could have a remake of the cartoon into a real-life movie.


#3 Russel from UP

Yes, we got you! Here’s the real-life Russel we have been wishing. Now it’s time for them to make the movie as soon as they can.

#4 Linguini From Ratatouille

Ratatouille, the cartoon that brings back so many memories. As a kid, pronouncing the name was my biggest battle, The Ratatouille. And here’s the most resembled real-life person to the cute Chef Linguini. All we need now is a rat that knows it’s cooking skills. That gotta be easy, right?

#5 Gru From Despicable Me

We all love that grumpy old dude! He shows a grumpy face out front but he is a super-sensitive guy from the inside. We don’t know about our real looking guy over here. He looks grumpy though. It looks like he is prepared to steal a pyramid, watch out for the minions. They could be hiding!

#6 Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story

I’m just gonna leave this right here for you peeps to see and realize that, whenever you see Nicki Minaj again, you will only remember Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story. I mean, they look the same


#7 Peter Griffin From Family Guy

From the chin up to the smile, the whole look screams Peter Griffin. It’s time to remake this movie ladies and gentlemen. We need to see real-life, Stewie Griffin in action.


#8 Scar From Lion King

Jason Momoa looks a lot like Scar!. Try to take that from your brain. Whenever you see Scar you are going to remember Jason Momoa.

#9 Elsa From Frozen

Yes, I am speechless, just like you. The resemblance is uncanny!  Could it be that Elsa transformed into a real-life person to walk among us using her magic in the cartoon?.


#10 Cynthia From Rugrats

Tell me this isn’t the first time you are seeing this resemblance. I’m surprised no one noticed. Well, here you go. I think they look a lot like themselves.


#11 Little Dora From Dora The Explorer

Look at this angel! She looks so cute just like Dora. Awh I hope they make a movie out of her. Imagine her saying, “Hola! Soy Dora” in her cute voice!

#12 Mr. Burns From The Simpsons

The evil, greedy character from Simpson, Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns. I don’t think there’s anyone else out there who would look like him other than this dude right here.

Just look at him. He looks evil with an evil master plan running in his head just like Monty.


#13 Linda Belcher From Bob’s Burgers

I mean, their outfits are so much alike. Even the shades.


#14 Leela From Futurama

It’s the bad lip augmentation that made it picture-perfect.

#15 Ned Flanders From The Simpsons

Bryan Cranston is best known from the TV Series, The Breaking Bad. But after seeing this picture, the resemblance! He is going to be remembered as the real-life, Ned Flanders. Look at the Mustache!

#16 Real Life Brave Movie Actress?

This is truly a breathtaking picture. To see a real-life Merida. She would be the ideal choice to act as the real-life version of Merida.

#17 Cartman From South Park

Not sure if he is doing this on purpose.  He literally is wearing the exact same thing. Look at the hat. The colors. It’s spot on. The only thing missing is his yellow gloves.

#18 Grandma From Tweety

Awh… Look at her! She looks just like Grandma from Tweety. I wonder where the Tweety bird is.


#19 Millhouse From The Simpsons

Millhouse is a nerd in the Simpsons. And the identical is the perfect match for him. Looks like the real-life version of Millhouse.

#20 Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians

You can tell it from her hair. Seems like she likes that character so much she went ahead and got her hair done as well. I hope she doesn’t steal dogs and make coats out of them.

bob mercer

#21 The Riddler From Batman

Wow! Neil Patrick Harris looks so much like The Riddler. Look at that smirk. We want him to be in the next Batman movie, please!

#22 Carmen Sandiego In Subway

No, it’s not the man giving a weird pose. Look behind him. Yes, that’s the one we are talking about. She looks a lot like Carmen Sandiego in Subway.

#23 Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon

The resemblance is uncanny! You can clearly see that this cat definitely is a reincarnation of Toothless.  The only thing missing are the wings.


#24 Real Life Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo, boy did he love himself a lot. All the struggle he goes through to impress the girl. Well, he is the real-life version of him who is super impressed with the cartoon character.

#25 Baby Gorilla

Awwhh how cute is this? They look so much alike. Cuteness overload. The baby looks sleepy or grumpy, I’m sure if he was laughing, the picture will be even more perfect.

#26 Master Shifu From Kung Fu Panda

We all know about grumpy cat, right? But we didn’t know he looked just like Master Shifu. Both are grumpy. Both are furry. A few hair extensions on both sides, and boom,  the Grumpy cat becomes the perfect match to Master Shifu.

#27 Consuela From Family Guy

Awh. Pretty much the same look, except for her glasses. The rest is perfection!

#28 Aladdin

This actor would be a good choice for the role of Alladin. What do you think? Or do you think Mena Massoud’s face fits perfectly?

#29 Sid’s  Lookalike From Ice Age

The teeth made it complete. This dog has officially taken the role of Sid. He is going to appear in the next Ice Age Movie.

#30 Mario Bros Lookalikes

They gotta be doing this on purpose right? Their clothing is on point. The poses are almost the same. They are doing a pretty good job at it. Kudos to them!

#31 Merryweather From Sleeping Beauty

No, she didn’t do this on purpose. But she nailed it!

#32 Catwoman or Batwoman?

Who says Gotham needs Batman when we have BatCat/CatBat Woman? I don’t know! But we have CatBat!


#33 Beavis From Beavis And Butt-head

Um, We are not quite sure who this man is or how he got those scars in his forehead. For now, let’s just assume he was in a bad catfight. And he also looks like Beavis from Beavis and Butt-Head.


#34 Krang From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I…I don’t know how to respond to this…but take a look and ” just keep swimming, just keep swimming”


#35 Another Sid From Ice Age

But this time he is not smiling Sid. It doesn’t matter because he looks like a “Surprised” Did. And we love it.

#36 Hercule From Dragon Ball Z

All he is missing are the guns but the rest is spot on.

#37 Andy From Toy Story

Yes, he knew he was fit for the role. You are hired! You are gonna be playing the role of Andy! Who else thinks that he should be cast as Andy for the real-life version of Toy Story?

#38 Mother Gothel From Tangled

She didn’t know she looked like Mother Gothel until people pointed out to her. And boy, she is a beauty!

#39 Mister Spacely From The Jetsons

This is such a pure resemblance. I mean look at the happiness exploding out of both the characters equally. It’s such a beautiful comparison. Danny DeVito sure does look like Mister Spacely from the Jetsons.

#40 Cat Lady From The Simpsons

Bizzare as it seems, it looks like the Cat Lady merged herself into a real-life human to pet real-life cats. What do you think?

#41 Scruffy From Futurama

Awwh.. look at poor Scruffy. Isn’t he looking the same as Scruffy from Futurama? Thank God, and thank you to whoever took this picture! This is pure wholesomeness.

#42 Steve Harvey and Mr. Potato Head

You saw this coming, didn’t you? We all knew this was coming. Well, even if you didn’t., now you know. Meet Steve Harvey who could play the real-life version of Mr. Potato Head and everyone would definitely LOVE to see the movie.

#43 Comic Book Guy From The Simpsons

How?? I think the artists saw him and drew the comic book guy. They look like the same person, only the Comic book guy is cartoonish.


#44 Moe from The Simpsons

Yes! Finally, someone made a comparison of these two and boom! It’s spot on!.

#45 Hiro Hamada From Baymax

We adore Hiro Hamada. Ever wondered what he would look like in the real life version? Take a look. 

I know right! I don’t see any difference either. It’s like he straight came out of the cartoon. He is too perfect he doesn’t even look like a real-life human.

#46 Beavis And Butthead

We previously showed the male version of Beavis and now here’s the female version of him.

by rrussell415

#47 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Ouch! That gotta hurt but no offense you kinda look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  The facial condition is due to a fight, but the resemblance, we just had to.


#48 Patty And Selma From The Simpsons

Tell me I’m not the only one who hears it? 


#49 Ralph Wiggum From The Simpsons

A blast from the future. This is what he would look like when he grows old.

#50 Princess Merida From Brave

Another girl who looks a lot like Merida. All she is missing is a bow and an arrow. That hair is goals!

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