People Are Doing Grocery Shopping For The Elderly


In times of calamity, we get to see humanity both at its best and its worst. Photos were being shared on social media of how people were fighting over toilet paper, revealing how selfish people can become in panic situations like what we are experiencing right now. However, good news are on its way too. People are volunteering to go grocery shopping for their neighbors who are elderly or suffer from health conditions that makes them the most vulnerable to catching the virus.

COVID-19 has killed 93 people so far in the US, and people are self-isolating and social-distancing to avoid catching the virus. People with the capability to do so, are stocking up their pantries and everything, but the elderly and the sick cannot afford to do the same.

Becky at the supermarket, for GNN

Becky Hoeffler, working from home given the current situation, is using her lunch break to do grocery shopping for her elderly neighbours. She has come up with this idea as she was talking to her grandfather the other day, who was on the way to the grocery store.
This made her put up a flyer in the neighbourhood, mentioning her availability to do grocery runs for the elderly.

Becky’s actions have definitely inspired others in the US, and they are sharing their experiences on Twitter.

Kristin Fasy explains how she was asked by an elderly couple to pick up their groceries, and how this made her realize the number of other elderly neighbours who must be going through the same situation. Without any delay, she posted on Nextdoor that she is willing to do grocery shopping for the elderly.

At least a few individuals can be seen being considerate about the others in need, and hopefully these actions will make the lives of the vulnerable people, at least a little better.

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