Palm-Sized Egg Shaped Birds That Do Splits!

Palm-Sized Egg Shaped Birds That Do Splits!

Who doesn’t love birds? The chirpings of birds we hear early in the morning give us such a heavenly feeling. We have seen so many wonderful, unique species of birds from colorful parrots, rainbow winged hummingbirds to so much more. Some people enjoy their leisure time gazing at birds. And if you’re not a lover of it I’m sure that these types of birds will make you fall in love with bird watching.

Meet the Bearded Reedling!

Bearded Reedling is a very small-sized teacup bird with a cute long tail. They are actually 16.5cm in size and could easily fit into your palm. The trait that makes them so recognizable and unique from any other bird is their egg-shaped, fluffy body.

Image credits: Kev Chapman

They love to rest, and the fascinating thing about how they rest, will amaze you. They like to do a split between three branches while they rest. It’s crazy and so cute at the same time. It’s like an egg splitting its legs. It’s quite hysterical and makes people awe at their sight.


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• Svenska: Skäggmes Italiano: Basettino English: Bearded reedling Latin: Panurus biarmicus • Malmö | Sjölunda | 20191201 • © Kristoffer Olsson Stenman • • • @elite_raptors @birdsonearth @allmightybirds @sambse naturyst @1birdshot @bestbirdshots @ip_birds @onlyowls @birdfreaks @best_birds_of_world @kings_birds_ @pocket_birds @feather_perfection @natgeo @birds_captures @birdselite @planetbirds @marvelouz_animals • • • #beardedreedling #skäggmes #basettino #birdsofmalmö #allmightybirds #sigma150600mm #bird #birding #uccello #uccelli #ip_birds #bb_of_ig #naturyst #1birdshot #birdsofinstagram #birds_captures #birdsonearth #bns_birds #birds_adored #pocket_birds #kings_birds #birdlife #bird_brilliance #naturephotography #nature_perfection #nature_shooters #nature_brilliance #feather_perfection #best_birds_of_world #marvelouz_animals

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Male birds can be easily spotted because they have a large gingerish-brown overall with bluish-grey heads. These birds also have black mustache-like markings that go from under their eyes down to their throats with similar black streaks beneath their tails. While females have a tad bit different compared to males. they are much paler and don’t have any mustache markings nor black streaks under their tales. They also have darker beaks than males.

Image credits: rado_vaclav

This species is decreasing in number, although not at an alarming rate. Bearded Reedlings are not known for migration, and could be found residing across Europe and Asia all year long.

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