Owners Reject Their Missing Dog When Found!

Missing Dog Found 400 Miles From Home, Owners Say They Don’t Want Her Anymore

It has become a trend these days where many people simply buy puppies only because of their cuteness and then throw them away when they become adults. It’s actually one of the worst things any human can do. You take care of a puppy as your own and have the audacity to remove them from your life. Mind that those puppies’ world revolved around you, and their heart would break if you were to throw them away!.

This is one such heartbreaking story. Hope For Paws rescue group were called regarding a homeless dog that was running on the busy streets of LA. To their surprise, once they found Brie, the Bull Terrier, she remained really friendly despite her circumstances. Rescuers stated that the dog seemed very happy as if it was a sigh of relief when she met the rescuers. The rescuers immediately boarded the dog into their van.

The pup was soon taken into the vet for a checkup and guess what they found! They found a chip! Which led to the information of its owner. The owner is a woman who lived all the way in Las Vegas. That is approximately 400 miles away from the vicinity that Brie was rescued from.

The owner had explained as to why Brie could have gone away. She told that she works crazy hours and then as forced to leave Brie behind her aunt who also happens to be the Last Vegas resident.

It’s strange how Brie traveled 400 miles away from her home and still is in one piece. It’s a dog’s travel diary for sure! Only if the pup could talk would we have known what happened to her. Because it’s a mystery that has to be solved.

Unfortunately, Brie’s initial owner has no interest in getting it back and gave the shelter her permission to re-home her. Brie got shifted to “LA Animal Rescue” and it is now being fostered with another dog of the shelter named Bosley. The shelter is reaching out to the public hoping to find both of the pups their forever home.

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