Who says heroes don’t exist?

Heroes make the world a better place. Many heroes as we have known through movies wear capes. But in reality, they don’t. This is one such incident. We have seen many heroes rescuing animals and people but this time a photographer puts himself on a difficult mission to save an eagle.

Sacred Eagle

This Eagle is very uncommon since it was nearly pronounced to be on extinction in light of contamination and territory loss. However, fortunately during the 1980s, they have been developing in numbers. It was because of the banning of PCB’s and DDT ( which had prompted diminishing of its shells).

The hawk is known as the White-Tailed or Sea Eagle (Haliaeetys Albicilla) and it is likewise northern Europe’s biggest flying creature of prey. In today’s Europe there are almost 25,000 grown-up white-tailed eagles. The predatory eagles have an eight-foot (2.4-meter) wingspan and require around a pound (0.5 kilograms) of nourishment every day.

The Ordeal

The White-Tailed Eagle in a coastal mash in Poland was stranded in mud, and it was not a firefighter or any security officers who came to the rescue but a simple nature photographer. It’s typical for a nature photographer to love nature and have an interest in animals and birds. But this photographer literally took a daring and a dangerous mission upon his life to rescue an eagle which is extremely admirable.

The entire rescue mission was caught on video. It contains all the glorious shots that were captured with a drone.

Krzysztof Chomicz, the photographer rescued the eagle near the town of Swinousjscie. He received help from local firefighters according to the European media reports.
Once the rescue mission became a success, the sacred eagle was returned back to the dry land. In order to get it safely to the land, Krzyszyof bore the pains of the constant pecking on his legs and arms during the safe relocating attempt.


Once the photographer handed it over to the Wildlife Rehabilitators they treated the eagle and transferred it to a refuge in Szczecin. It was found that the eagle was just six months old and still learning how to fly when it fell to the mud.
The eagle was named Icarus, after the Greek Hero who flew too close to the sun on wings of wax and feathers.

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