This Is Hilarious! A Poster Describes A Missing Cat While The “Missing Cat” Sits Next To It.


A humorous photograph presented on Instagram as of late shows a “Missing” notice adhered to within a window with the “lost” cat sitting alongside it. Is this another prank by the cats? Do they consider us humans to be jokers? This could well be a case of felines being jerks. Well, one thing is certain and that is its human or in the words of the cat, “Hooman” will be excited to have his lord back!

This isn’t the first run through something like this has occurred. Two years prior, another feline was spotted almost in a similar fashion. Interestingly, the picture of this cat and the previous cat is so similar.

It is so interesting that people come up with different reasons as to why it happened. While some are funny, some go onto say that it’s the ghost of the dead cat captured on camera. Nevertheless, it could very well be a prank played on the voyeurs who are not welcomed.

Image credits: kodibramble (h/t: laughingsquid)

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