Miniature Fairy Gardens Apparently Is The New Trend!

Miniature Fairy Gardens Apparently Is The New Trend!

We all have our own unique taste in keeping our homes feeling warm. Personally, I would decorate the house with warm brownish colors giving the interior an Autumn look.

A beautiful wooden stand with your little cactus, wind chimes, a little radio, posters of your favorite band, cute crochets serving as coasters, an adorable succulent on your favorite teacup, a very comfy throw blanket, literally anything, can beautify your home.

But, ever thought of a fairy garden? It’s also called as “Teacup Garden”. You must try it ’cause it’s literally the cutest thing ever. If you have a green thumb then this little deco is right up your alley!

It will bring your home the touch of nature and a bit of the whimsical atmosphere. Once you complete your very own fairy garden, you will feel proud of your little creation.

Check out the fairy gardens on our list and get inspired to make your very own unique Teacup Garden.

Image Credits: Pinterest


Muhaiminah Faiz or The Craftaholic Witch was addicted to fairy gardens. She found growing her fairy garden much more pleasing than putting her plants into simple pots.


“I’ve been wanting to make a fairy garden for a long time but made something quite similar this time. Might try to make a fairy garden next time,” she said.


She loved to plant cactus, succulent and colorful wall plants in her teacup garden. She mentions that it only needs little water and care. You can follow her tutorial here for step-by-step instructions for making your own teacup garden.


















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