Meet The Cutest Little Bulldog With The Saddest Eyebrows


She is Madame Eyebrows, an English bulldog from Germany. Her name itself gives a hint about her unique eyebrows, which gives her an eternally sad look.

This little goofball is awed by many people throughout social media. Everything from her eyebrows to her pouted lip gives out that adorable sad puppy face. It makes us all shriek with awe! I bet whether she is playing or sleeping or begging the owners would straight jump in with all their hearts especially because of her sad permanent eyebrows.

#1 Sad-Forever Pup – Why does even her mouth say she is sad?

#2 Sad ’cause mom hasn’t given snackos yet?

#3 It’s the Monday mood… Can’t blame her!

#4 Climbed two steps and I’m already tired. Sad life! Relatable?

#5 This-is-NOT-what-I-ordered face!

#6 Leave me alone please!

#7 This is a MEME!

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