Meet The Adorable Sheep Cat: Gene Mutation Gone Right

Meet The Adorable Sheep Cat: Gene Mutation Gone Right

Cats, the pets that would attack its owner with its paw when reached in for a kiss. We all love cats, don’t we? Regardless of its, well uhm…. attitude….the hisses, pushing glasses off a countertop, and of course the majestic catwalk, we still love a little frowny fluff ball.
Might I also add, they make hilarious YouTube videos? Type in “Funniest Cat Compilation” on YouTube, and you can laugh at cats’ failures, for all the attitude they give to you.

You can either be a cat lover or a dog lover. Either way, you would still love to pet a cat. I myself am a cat lover. I stay very still, till my cat claws up on my legs, only to reach my lap and take a snooze. Yes, it hurts, and yes I love my cat.

Check out their hilarious reactions to these feline filters:

Let me introduce the Selkirk Rex – also known as the ‘poodle cats’. They are hands down the most adorable breed of cats I have ever seen.


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According to Purina, these kitties are independent, curious, and playful pets. They possess unique frizzy fur that makes them stand out from the litter. This breed is very popular among pet owners.

The Selkirk Rex breed got its name from the Selkirk Mountains in Wyoming, where the first was born to a litter at an animal shelter back in 1987. The mutation was found to be a dominant trait, meaning it could be passed down through generations. Selkirk Rex cat has become very popular in the US and Canada where some call it the ‘sheep cat’ or ‘poodle cat’.

This particular kitten has a strikingly unusual curly coat caused by a gene mutation. Per, the breed can be born with either a short haired or longhaired coat, weigh an average of 16lbs, and can live an average of 13 years.

Purina advises that the fur of the long-haired Selkirk cat receives daily attention and gentle cleaning – suggesting owners use a wide-tooth comb to rid the kitty of any knots and tangles. They also state that the short-haired variety will require less grooming, but over-grooming in both cases will result in the curls becoming less important.

This breed is suitable for any household out there – as long as they’re willing to care for them and provide them with all the grooming these cute kitties deserve.

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