Meet Rae, The Golden Retriever Unicorn!


This is Rea, she is a golden retriever. Her pictures were shared on all social media because of her speciality. She is famous on Instagram and on Tiktok for being the “Unicorn Dog”. She got that name because she only has one fluffy ear on top of her head, making her look like a fluffy golden unicorn.

Since the Instagram account was created in February, the cute puppy has not stopped getting new followers — surpassing more than 28,000 followers. As per information, at the moment, Rae has almost 30,000 fans on Instagram and on TikTok.

Her Instagram bio states that an accidental injury at birth left her with only one ear, and the ear migrated to the top of her head. The injury has not affected the cute little puppy in the slightest. She’s still the happiest pooch as any other puppy and she definitely can hear perfectly through her unicorn ear. In a world where people go after the perfection of everything they hold, instances such as these are a blessing to the ear. They show that the ‘not perfect’ ones too have a chance at life, that they deserve a happy life just like everybody else.

Rae is living her life happily now with her owner, as you can see in the images on her Instagram.

Check out her Instagram page – goldenunicornrae

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