Minneapolis Mayor Kneels At George Floyd’s Casket And Sobs

Minneapolis Mayor Kneels At George Floyd’s Casket And Sobs

We are all well aware of the tragic death of George Floyd that led the world filled with rage. Seeking justice for George Floyd became the common goal for almost everyone around the world. You can see the souls burning with anger for the injustice that happened to George Floyd and it’s only because of the color of his skin. This would not be the case if it was of a privileged man. Racism hasn’t ended, it has only been in hiding. The racists have made black people voiceless from injustice but as George Floyd’s daughter said, “Daddy Changed The World”.

Due to this heartbreaking tragedy of George Floyd, thousands and thousands of people regardless of skin color protested against the racist police! You can literally scroll down Twitter and see how the police officers attack peaceful protestors including elderly people.
In my opinion, this is going to be a new ERA, Where there will be an END for racism once and for all.

George Floyd memorial service
Image credits: AP

Minneapolis Mayor Kneels At George Floyd’s Casket And SobsGeorge Floyd’s memorial was held at North Central University in Minneapolis. The memorial was live-streamed on CBSN Minnesota. It gave viewers across the world the chance to mourn along with those in attendance.

There were many prominent figures and celebrities there to pay their respects, in addition to Floyd’s friends, family, and loved ones.

The memorial was decorated with beautiful flowers surrounding his golden casket, George Floyd’s memorial service included the reading of scripture followed by prayer, a touching rendition of “Amazing Grace,” and a eulogy delivered by Reverend Al Sharpton.

George FLoyd memorial service
Image credits: Reuters

There was also the announcement of a new scholarship in George Floyd’s name that will help young black men and women who are aspiring to become leaders in their own communities.

George Floyd memorial service
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Ben Crump, the attorney for the Floyd family, introduced the crowd to many of his family members — those who knew him best. CNBC reported on remarks made by George’s brother, Philonise:

“‘We came up together. We didn’t have much. Our mom did what she could. We would sleep in the same beds. Play video games together. Go outside and play football. … ,’ Philonise Floyd said. He added that his brother had several nicknames — Big George, Big Floyd, Georgie Porgie — and eclectic eating habits. ‘We made banana mayonnaise sandwiches together — it was a family thing.’”

George Floyd memorial service
Image credits: AP

Perhaps one of the most natural and sentimental moments was when Jacob Frey, knelt in front of George Floyd’s casket and sobbed.

George Floyd memorial service
Image credits: BFM TV
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