Man Gets Killed By His Own Rooster


Despite the fact that cockfights have been derided worldwide as inhumane, various instances of cockfights organized by people are still seen and heard. Recently, another instance related to a cockfight was heard from India, but this news is different from the usual we get to hear. 

A 50-year-old man called Saripalli Chanavenkateshwaram from India was carrying his rooster to a competition ring in Pragadavaram in Andhra Pradesh last month. The bird was attempting an escape flight while on the way to the competition, and the man trying to prevent its escape was hurt on his neck from the sharp blades attached to the rooster’s claws. 


The man who faced this unprecedented event was immediately taken to the hospital. However, this man of three kids experienced a stroke which ultimately resulted in his death. 

Cockfighting, in India, is considered by the majority as a legally offensive act which is not accepted as a cultural tradition. It is also an issue found in other countries like the US too. The thing which makes this horrendous act keep going is nothing other than the capitalist outlook which dominates the humane side to people. It was only last month that Puerto Rico disobeyed the law by passing a bill that validates the 400-year old tradition of cockfighting because apparently the fact that the sport brings in an estimated $18 million annually and gives employment to roughly 27,000 people is more significant than the fact that animal cruelty needs to be stopped.

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