Muscular Man Who Cosplays Female Characters With Pride

Muscular Man Who Cosplays Female Characters With Pride

Cosplaying has become one of the most entertaining things out there! Millions of people participate in this amazing art. It is where people do their absolute best to dress just like a famous character. It can be a cartoon character, a movie character, or any famous character you’d like to dress up as.

In today’s story, we are going to introduce you to Metalslimer. He is a cosplayer who takes simple cosplays like Johnny Bravo and Nathan Explosion and makes them into a super fun by being his big buff self. He is built with an extremely muscular appearance but the exciting part is that he likes to cosplay into female characters.

metalslimer macho man cosplay
Sailor Moon

Metalslimer – describes himself as very interesting, including gym, rock music, and cosplay enthusiasts. Normally, people with large muscles will often prefer to cosplay into characters similar to themselves, cool and masculine. However, MetalSlimer is famously known for his brave and bold gender-bent cosplays.

metalslimer macho man cosplay
Morrigan Aensland – Darkstalkers

Everything about this guy makes many people feel extremely surprised when he does not cosplay into a cool male character at all but only likes cosplaying mostly female characters.

metalslimer macho man cosplay
Isabelle – Animal Crossing

He definitely isn’t afraid to wear anything, but only wears them with the utmost confidence.
No matter what kind of female character it is in the hands of Metalslimer, it becomes a unique muscular version. Currently, his personal Instagram page has reached 12.7 thousand followers.

metalslimer macho man cosplay
Nezuko – Demon Slayer

Because of his physique, metalslimer’s cosplays can be seen as both ‘kawaii and brutal’.

metalslimer macho man cosplay

BelleImage credits: metalslimer/Instagram

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