Man Adopts Neglected Dogs Who Might Never Find Homes


This story is about a very heroic human being, who has lots of love in his heart. He lost his pet and it devastated him. He couldn’t heal himself and it took him several months to adjust to the fact that his pet no longer lives with him. Even though he was very very heartbroken, after months of trying to heal, he finally decided to make up his mind and give it another shot.  He mended his heart and wanted to feel that love again from a man’s best friend.

Before he rushed down to the pet store, he made sure to pick the right pooch. And he rushed to the pet store like a little boy. And right then and there he knew, he would only adopt the “most unadoptable” senior dogs. He picked out all the neglected, overlooked and senior dogs to take home. His heart was so filled with love and he wanted to shower it all down to the most unloved pooches. He is a good man. You can see how he sees beyond pretty pups to the far corner pooch, who has no hope of a loving family. He shines his way through to their lives, makes it brighter for the loneliest pooches. This my friend, is one of the most wholesome things I have ever seen. It’s like, it’s straight out of a movie or a cartoon.

And now he has the happiest ten shelter dogs because of his overwhelming TLC’s showered upon them! They are in a much better place and Steve enjoys every bit of it!. He also has opened an Instagram profile to post pictures of their day to day activities. Trust me, they are really adorable. Some are even very funny. It’s the cutest heartwarming picture that have stolen the hearts of people all around the globe. He has over tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. 

And happiness doesn’t come easy. He admits it’s a lot of work. Heavy work to deal with. He has to wake up at 5 early mornings to prepare their breakfast. Each of them has their own special diet. Therefore it’s hard work to deal with. But his love and commitment towards the dog are so strong that he doesn’t even mind it. He takes care of them a lot, takes them to the veterinary, making sure all of them are healthy and given proper vaccines and medicines. He takes them out on walks,  has them play around, letting them enjoy their time with nature. 

Steve points out that taking care of senior dogs is much easier because they are well trained and obedient. The dogs take their life slow and it’s slowing down a lot of time with Steve and he doesn’t mind it at all. He is totally fine with it.

Steve’s hard work pays off when he comes to the couch after a hard day. The pooches are already surrounding him, making him feel that they are grateful and making him happy. And it’s this that drives him to do more and more for them.

Doggies are not the only animals that Steve takes care of. He has a pig named Bikini, two ducks, pigeons, chickens, and a few cats. He has a veritable animal farm and he wouldn’t want it any other way. Even though he doesn’t have room in his home for more pets. He has plans to extend the place and have more of the senior pets over. He would not let any pet feel unloved. He will do his best to make sure every senior and overlooked pet is loved beyond their imagination.
















Image Credit: Instagram 

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