Male Love Robots – The One Thing That WAS Lacking In Our World


Female love-dolls have been a continuous sensation that still continues to amaze people to the extent that it has been an obsession. It didn’t stop there. This sensation reached its climax when female love-robots were created which men could literally sleep with.

The only thing lacking was its male version. Well, not anymore!

The much awaited male love-doll has been introduced by the US company “Synthetic” by Bronwen Keller and Matt Krivicke, and trust me, this love-doll is every woman’s (or man’s, for that matter) image of Prince Charming coming to their doorstep. 

While the concept of love-dolls is nothing new to this world, the idea of love-robots, with the cutting-edge technology used in its making, has been able to create a newer sensation that was quickly embraced by potential customers. 

These male love-robots are crafted with such intricate detail to provide 100% satisfaction to its consumer, LITERALLY! 

Well, if you want one for yourself, this is what you’ve got to do!

Ring or email the company first, and place your order. 

Tell them what you like as well as what you don’t like (if you don’t want any surprises coming your way, that is!), and also enlighten them with your fantasies! 

Going by your interests, the mould will be made and filled with silicon, which then will be left overnight to be ready (And don’t worry, this is the longest it will ever take to be ready, IYKWIM!)

The (most) interesting part comes next! Starting from the number and length of the eyelashes of your dream guy, you can determine the feels of the chest and the texture of the skin. In other words, you can literally create the guy you’ve always fantasized about coming to rescue the damsel in distress! 

You guessed it right! It is 100% customized, and that means a several digit cost. Well, a single robot is priced at about $13000, but that hasn’t stopped people from buying it. 

Anyway, this product can be interpreted as an attempt to give voice and recognition to the fact that women have their fantasies too, not just men, and it is all thanks to the brilliant idea by the company “Synthetic”.


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