Magical Shower Of Almost 100 Shooting Stars Per Hour From Today To 25th April

Magical Shower Of Almost 100 Shooting Stars Per Hour From Today To 25th April

I’m pretty sure that there’s not a single person who doesn’t love the sky. Be it the clear blue day sky, the thundering cloudy sky, or the starry night sky, the sky never fails to fascinate us. And to all of you who love watching the sky, I am the bearer of such good news! There’s going to be a shower of shooting stars with up to 100 every hour, starting from tonight until the 25th. Have you ever heard or even imagined anything more magical than this?

This natural phenomenon is known as the Lyrid meteor shower. What this means is, you get to see from around 12 to 100 shooting stars every hour! This annual event was first documented about 2700 years ago, mesmerizing the star lovers. This year, in the UK, it starts today! If you’re from the UK, then I envy you!

This magical event (which you don’t want to miss!) starts tonight, and will occur until the 25th, with its peak nights being the 21st and the early hours of 22nd. Wherever you live, you’ll get the best view between midnight and the dawn.

Exeter Observatory’s astronomer John Maclean says that “The Lyrids have been known to surge but again, it is not something we can predict accurately.

“It is the oldest known meteor shower still active and was first observed in 687 BCE. As they come through the atmosphere, the meteors reach speeds of 50kms a second, but most will turn up before reaching the surface of Earth.”

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