Lions Who Went Through A Lifetime Of Abuse Finally Returned To Their Home In Africa.


Behind this heroic rescue mission were the efforts and hard work of Animal Defenders International (ADI). This rescue mission was able to save 33 Circus Lions who were abused throughout their lifetime. 

Tim Philips is the Co-Founder of the Animal Defenders International, and stated the “eyewitness news” how difficult it was to track down the abusers. They have been locking these lions out to perform in illegal circuses in Peru and Colombia. 

The ADI contacted the government and worked with them to impose bans on using circus animals. But the ban made it even harder to track down the abusers. They went underground fully hidden in remote places. The rescue team had to endure lots of harsh troubles to find the abused animals. But they never gave up on their search because they felt the pain of the animals being abused every day. They just knew they had to go find the abusers to give them the punishment they deserve. 

All the trouble they went through was worth it once they rescued over 100 animals, 33 being lions. These regal big cats suffered their entire life full of abuse. Their teeth have been filed. Their claws have been removed. And they were literally caged in tiny cages. These abusive conditions were immoral. As a result, they are unable to survive in the wild because they don’t possess survival skills. 


Now the lions are at a sanctuary and they can finally have their paws on the grass and run about freely. They are finally able to live, without any abuse. They are finally able to live, and live happily. 

Mind that, this was not one man’s job. There were about 100 of people’s blood and sweat put on this mission. And it took over 18 months. The patience, the tactics, the strategies, the physical endurance, mental endurance, I cannot fathom the amount of effort they had to undergo to make this mission a success. Hats off to the team that never gave up. And thanks to them, these lions and the other animals that were a victim of the circus can now freely roam around, abuse free, and filled with TLC.

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