Landlord Rejects Rent, Insists On Paying Salary To Workers Instead


Self-quarantine imposed on a lot of countries around the globe has not been good on the economy. While it has stopped work in companies, it is also taking away the income of a large part of employees, and also the jobs themselves, for some. In a situation like this when some companies are refusing to give paid leave to employees, it leaves families in crisis situations.

While the worst affected are the daily wage earners, through quite a lengthy application process, employees in the US can file for unemployment which will give them but only a part of their income. In a crisis situation like this, users were sharing a post on social media about an exceptional landlord.

This landlord is from Jonesboro in Arkansas. He informed in his Facebook post that his company is not expecting its restaurants to pay rent during the lockdown period. He further stated that the restaurants should keep paying the salaries to their workers.

This kind of action and thoughtfulness in a situation like this is indeed admirable. Properties of lots of popular restaurants in the area which includes Roots, The Parsonage, Eleanor’s Pizzeria, City Work, and Main Street Coffee belong to Young Investment Company. Clay Young, the owner of this company stated that it is the small scale businesses that suffer the most during this time, and he did not want to add extra pressure to them.

“It was just the right thing to do,” he said.

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