Klementinum – The Most Beautiful Library In The World

Sean Yan

Libraries are literally the place of worship of all book lovers. The smell of the books, the mind soothing ambiance of the place, that unique architecture that gives the vibe of being inside a library, all those are quick in mesmerizing anyone who enters a library. 

Once you enter the Klementinum library in Prague, Czech Republic, you won’t feel like coming back out of it. It is that beautiful!

You’ll be hypnotized by the majestic baroque architecture that is characteristic of this library, the sight of which will take you to a magical palace you will want to live forever in. 

This ornate library was opened as part of the Jesuit University in 1722, and the beautiful ceilings of this library are embellished with Jan Hiebl’s frescoes.  Book lovers can amble among over 20,000 books which consist of rare valuable books some of which will soon be available on Google Books through scanning. 

Not all of us get to go to Prague. So, bless your eyes with these exquisite pictures of the library that is of beauty that is second to none! 


Olivier Martel Savoie










Iztok Alf Kurnik
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