Woman In Michigan Sets Fire To A Vehicle

Woman In Michigan Sets Fire To A Vehicle

The video of Sydney Paraham attempting to set fire to a vehicle, recently went viral. This took place in Michigan.The video shows a can of inflammable liquid being poured out by her into the jeep when suddenly it blows up in her face. She is thrown back and hits herself on a car nearby.

Deputies of the local area rushed to the scene immediately. However, by that time, the vehicle was already in flames. The Sheriff confirmed that no one else was harmed as no one was around at the time of the fire.

Given below is the video that went viral

Paraham was followed home by the local police who later took her into custody. She was wearing a black hoodie during the incident. According to the local Sherriff, she was identified to be only 26 years old. The investigation found out that she purposely set the vehicle on fire.

The explosion had caused minor injuries to Paraham. She was given medical treatment after being arrested.

Injured Girl
Image Credit: Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

The incident took place on the 22nd of July. Prosecuted on the 24th of July, on a bail of USD 20,000, she was discharged. August 5th is when she is due to return.

The owner of the vehicle and Paraham had personally known each other. The local Police assumes that it might have been a conflict between the two that built up for a while and lead to the incident. But, the owner of the vehicle, Avery Stephens says that it was not the reason.

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