Let us cheer you up today with a bizarre yet a cute story!

It’s very uncommon to see different types of species end up breeding a totally new creature to the world. But did you know it’s not as unexpected as it seems to those who are working in the wildlife?

It was a zebra mommy who gave birth to the Zonkey. She was a stray that wandered its way out of Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park into a local cattle herd. More like she ‘made herself at home’. It makes sense how she could have stumbled upon a donkey.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust takes for baby elephants, rhinos and occasionally orphaned zebras. They didn’t think twice and took the mama to Chyulu National Park.

Since Zebra pregnancies last for a full 12 months, it helped the staff at the rescue center to understand what had happened to the mommy zebra.  Because she had been spending a lot of time living with the cattle herd in the last year.

Mama zebra had ‘obviously become acquainted with an amorous donkey’, according to the statement.

The wildlife trust explained:

From the looks of it, we can clearly see the resemblance of a donkey and a zebra. The body of the Zonkey looks a lot like a donkey and the striped legs of its Zebra mom. This makes the Zonkey a fascinating creature.

As cute as it may seem, Zonkeys are mules. Which means that they cannot breed. It is very rare for Zonkey to be born as the Zebra’s and Donkey’s number of chromosomes isn’t the same.  Regardless both mommy zebra and baby Zonkey are living their best life at Chyulu National Park. They are very safe there as they are not many predators. They have enough food and water to keep them fully fed and happy.

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