Inhumanity At Its Extreme – No Justice For The Dog Attacked With Machete

Inhumanity At Its Extreme - No Justice For The Dog Attacked With Machete

February 18th was a dark day for the dog named “Kuku” as many of us came across the news of this dog being brutally attacked with a machete between his head and face. As the pictures of this dog helpless in pain with the machete still dug deep in his head were circulated in social media, many people’s attention was drawn towards it. 

The reason for the dog to be attacked was because he tried to catch roosters in the garden of the attacker. Any reason sounds lame because even a kid would know that no reason is adequate enough to hurt any living being in this manner. This is an extreme case of rights violations of a living being, and humans with kind hearts as well as rights activists were quick to raise their voice against this inhumane act. 

The machete resulted in a 3-inch deep cut and it took a four-hour-long surgery for the four vets at a Veterinary Hospital to remove the machete from the dog’s head. The surgery hasn’t been able to cure the dog completely because the wound goes close to the brain and there is still a chance for germs to enter the brain. 

The dog’s owner Ruwan stated that the attacker is not yet identified, however, in his interview with the animal rights organization Save A Paw With Love, he stated that it is his best friend, “Susil” is the one who committed this crime.

According to sources, the fact that the attacker is the owner’s best friend is stopping the owner from lodging a complaint in Police. Whether it’s friends or family, nothing should stop a person from taking the correct actions against whoever is inhumane enough to commit such a ruthless act. While the owner isn’t taking any legal actions, Save A Paw With Love lodged a complaint against the suspect in the Kuliyapitiya police station, but the owner’s continuous denial in identifying the attacker because it’s his best friend is hindering any legal action from being taken. 

However, this has not stopped kind-hearted people from doing their part in this case of animal abuse. They have started an online petition not just demanding justice for this dog but also demanding the bill with laws against animal abuse to be passed by the cabinet. 

Media Credit: Save A Paw With Love

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