Is it just me, or is being “quarantined” bringing out so much wholesomeness within people? We get to see happier families and even fun activities, from baking fails, to dying your pet’s fur to many more.

But, it is hard at first for people who used to work outside to adjust to working from home. Anyway, today’s story shows an excited little weatherman and his cat enjoying every day at work from the comfort of their home.

The Indiana meteorologist Jeff Lyons is more than excited to begin his work each day. As ironic as it may sound, despite being quarantined, some people still want to see what’s in the weather forecast.

Jeff was busy setting up his studio in his lounge area to do his work. But, Jeff’s attention was quick enough to draw to his cat, Betty. He saw potential in Betty as a meteorologist. He knew without even a moment’s pause her lovableness could illuminate at least a portion of the viewer’s hearts and would be a delightful weatherwoman herself.

What do you know! The weather forecast with little Betty circulated around the web so fast! It welcomed more individuals than expected to watch the weather forecast. In any case, you and I both realize that they came not to hear the exhausting “what’s going on in the sky”, but just to see the cute cat.

Numerous individuals have been watching the forecast from the starting point of the cat’s first appearance on the show. Such huge numbers of watchers were pulled in to Betty’s charm. Some numerous Australians were watching the weather forecast.

Betty, the adorable cat, and Jeff got so much love from their fans that Jeff gave Betty her very own lower third graphic that says “Betty the Weather Cat “, in order to respect her and her fans.

Later, Lyon’s coworkers suggested bringing Betty to the show once they lift the lockdown. Betty has gained Lyons thousands of views and likes on his Facebook page.

Image credits: Jeff Lyons

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