If You Can Ear Rumble, You Are A Superhuman


The human body is the most miraculous creation of the universe. Each part has its own function to perform. It’s very important to study and understand your body. By now, if you are aware of the functions of your body, you would know if you are capable of ear rumbling. But, if ear rumbling is something new to you, this article is the best for you to know more about it.

Tensor tympani is an in-ear muscle that flexes when an individual yawns, laughs or coughs. Some individuals are able to take control of this muscle and make it move as they wish. This ability is not innate, and like everything else, this power also has some pros and cons. For instance, you can mute sounds like eating chips, and save yourself from getting annoyed with yourself. Anyway, if you were planning to use this ability to have a peaceful and noiseless time outside, well, it’s not going to be much of a help. the slow speed of the muscle reaction, it cannot help you stop hearing loud and sudden noises because of the slow muscle reaction.

Just like Ironman formed avengers with lots of other superheroes, in Reddit, Ear Rumblers Assemble is dedicated to all ear rumblers.
A user twittered, “It happens when I contract my face and smush it real hard, my eyes close and my nose scrunches up and I hear this rumbling sound,”

If you hear the rumbling sound, then you, my friend is the chosen one.

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