Hundred-Year-Old Granny Playing In The Snow Like A Child

101-year-old Mom Makes Her Son Stop the Car so She can Play in the Snow

As we grow old we tend to think that life is dreary with very little excitements. That’s the reason why it’s important to connect with mature old people more often. Because they’ve seen and lived life at all stages and understand what it means to truly be happy and carefree.

This story is about a granny who is 100 years old named Albina from British Columbia.

In this video clip, this strong-hearted lady who could be seen leaning over to pick-up snow with her bare hands and creating snow sculptures. The bliss on her face was as cheerful as a bright summer morning.

This video was first seen on Facebook posted by her son in the year 2015. You can hear him saying, “I turned the car around about 3 kilometers from town, but before I could get back on the road, the door flies open and out steps mom. When you have a mother that’s 101 years old, it’s a good thing to keep the camera nearby for those special moments,”

His video with the caption: “Here’s proof that if you find pure joy in the simple things you can live 100 years.” has received more than 10 million views, 175K shares, and 50K reactions.

He uploaded it again as a throwback again in 2018. With the quote: “Three years ago today that was mom playing in the snow. Now she’s 104 and doing very well. Can you imagine?”

Albina’s story is a great lesson to the whole world not to take life too seriously. Age is just a number and one must always make time to find happiness in little-thing and never hold back from pursuing happiness.

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