NASA Explains Human Bones Seen On Planet Mars

NASA Explains Human Bones Seen On Planet Mars

It has come to our attention that human bones could be seen on Mars. As crazy and bonkers as it seems, there is actually a reason behind this bony incident.

Well, although I’m not sure as to whether this will make you happy or sad, it’s not a human bone. It’s actually how rocks on Mars are shaped in. It’s molded in a way that replicates human bone remains. Nothing more and nothing less.

NASA actually took their time to explain as to why it’s shaped like a human bone, let’s get into it, shall we?

NASA Explains Human Bones Seen On Planet Mars

NASA Explains Human Bones Seen On Planet Mars

Well, there you have it, no boney incident on Mars although we all kind of freaked out about it. Further, NASA said it’s quite impossible for Mars to contain large fossils due to lack of oxygen. It could have microorganisms but not large enough to breathe life to bigger living things.

Mars rocks

Unless you are one of those people who say the earth is flat, you could go ahead and make theories of the BONES on Mars.

When it comes to this situation it seems that people are quick to jump into thinking that there’s more to something when there just isn’t. While we here on Earth are trying to get to Mars, the idea that humans once lived there is something truly fascinating but it’s not very well possible.

I hope you guys like the story! We all do like to hear your side of the story as well. Comment down below your best theory of the BONE IN MARS, we love to hear from you!

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