How Does Newborn Babies With Teeth Sound?

Coffee Creek Studio by Amy Haehl

Babies are the cutest, aren’t they! 

Yes, they are, until these photographs by Amy Haehl pops up out of nowhere on your mobile screen and now you cannot unsee them.

The idea of babies with sets of teeth like a grown up’s is honestly a little hard to digest!

Well, Amy gave a shot at it to parody newborn photoshoots, and trust me, she nails it!

Have a look at these hilarious and (a little creepy) pictures of babies with teeth!

“I just thought it was so funny,” she says, “and would be a great way to put a smile on people’s faces — literally.”

Amy had not done a photoshoot specifically for this purpose. It’s only once the idea hit that she decided to take some promising pictures that could be put to “toothy” use. While these pictures look like brilliant photoshop work, what she actually did was edit them using FaceApp.

The set of photos were uploaded into her Facebook page Coffee Creek Studio, and as expected, this post was liked 34K times, shared 56K times, followed by 42K comments. These photos received this immense popularity because it’s undoubtedly the first time people on this earth ever saw newborn babies with teeth! I mean, it’s such an innovative idea! Who wouldn’t want to see them! 

Image credit : Coffee Creek Studio by Amy Haehl










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