Hospitals Turn To Nature For Cure


The first thought that pops up when we think about hospitals is how lifeless it is. All you can see is a concrete building where lots of sick people, injured people, and dying people lie all across the corner. This sight only makes other patients feel the same level of darkness and isolation. It is very ironic, I know. The very place dedicated to keeping us alive is also the very same place that makes us feel depressed and lifeless. 

Norway has taken a keen interest in this matter and is exploring new ways to cure patients’ minds using nature. 

With the aid of Friluftssykehuset Foundation charity, the two biggest hospitals in the country initiated the program to build the Outdoor Care Retreats also known as friluftssykehuset with Architectural firm, Snohetta as the partner. 

The spaces give escapism to the patients to walk among nature, far away from the rigorous treatments and isolation that often come with long-term hospitalization.

Although the cabin is integrated into the hospital premises, the place is filled with natural aesthetics making it look like a separate place. It has its own muted magic with enough fresh air for patients to breathe.

 “Bringing patients outside the hospital helps them relax and find the strength to get through their treatment,” says Maren Østvold Lindheim, a child psychologist from the hospital in Oslo. “Being in nature gives them the feeling of possibility: they have more energy, more hope, and more creativity.”.

This idea was being developed throughout the world. The Japanese Government initiated its own program using the concept called “shinrinyoku” meaning forest bathing, motivating people to make the best use of the country’s generous wooded area for therapy. Nature has its own healing properties that no doctor can explain. It’s an absolute blessing to finally be able to see hospitals taking the path towards mother nature to heal patients. 

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