10 Hilarious Wildlife Photography Gone Wrong

10 Hilarious Wildlife Photography Gone Wrong

Photography is an art of its own that people master over the years. It’s the experience and the techniques that you learn over the years that ultimately let you take mind blowing photographs. However, some people just get lucky to take once in a lifetime pictures as long as they have a camera or a camera phone in their hands. They just happen to click the camera button in the right direction at the right time.

Among the various areas of photography, wildlife photography is a vast as well as popular area around which international competitions are held too. Taking wildlife photographs is definitely not an easy task for several reasons. To photograph wildlife you need to have access to locations which are not human friendly and which view your presence as a threat. And to take the perfect shots it takes so much patience, time, focus as well as effort. But the outcome is definitely gonna be worth it because you’re gonna end up with beautiful photographs of the wildlife.

However, do things go all okay all the time? Just like anything else in life, there are shots that go wrong even when it comes to a professional photographer with years of experience. Sometimes it all depends on time and much on luck too. Since such instances are not that rare, there’s a Facebook community called the Crap Wildlife Photography with over 320K members where they post photos that ended up so bad to the point that they are funny.

Here are 10 such photographs that I know you’re gonna enjoy and share with your friends!

#1 Flower Fairy

bug in a flower
Amanda McMillan

#2 Strongly Stating Its Opinion

Squirrel Giving The Finger
Rachel Bernal

#3 Aladdin Of The Kettle

frog coming out of kettle
Skye Moore

#4 Ant Eater Dance Pose

Costa Rica Ant Eater dance pose
Becky Casner

#5 It Was Not Ready For The Picture

Woodland Caribou
Katie Baillie-David

#6 Grandfather Of All Squirrels

squirrel on a garbage pile
Sylvia Dove

#7 Laughed So Hard At Karen’s Joke

tortoise squirting water out of nose
Mike Kane

#8 Now That’s The First Step Of The Pelican Dance

pelican dance pose
Betty Bennett

#9 Casual Walk During Cat’s Nap 

squirrel walking stealthily
Laura Holman Graber

#10 All Was Well Until The Bear Decided To Come Near You

bear attack
Mary Johnson
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