“Halal” Sanitizers? Feeding Off Muslims’ Fear On Corona Virus To Earn Money within the Name Of Islam? 


In Malaysia, The majority of the population are Muslims. Which also becomes an enormous problem for the present Coronavirus chaos.

For Muslims, It’s prohibited to consume pork or alcohol. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, It’s everywhere the news and social media that washing hands is that the biggest help we could do to stop the virus from spreading. the matter occurs when the Muslims find it hard to urge a hand on an alcohol-free sanitizer.

However, the Malaysian merchants made Halal sanitizers which don’t contain alcohol. Rather than alcohol, they used the subsequent best alternative which is ethanol, which seems to be halal. 

FYI:- Halal means permissible in Arabic. INGREDIENTS 75% High Purity Ethanol 60ML RM15 This sanitizer has been proved to get rid of bacteria quickly and efficiently, it’s compact and portable, are often stored in your bag, are often won’t to washing hands or disinfecting items. It’s both suitable for adults also as kids. 

It’s actually marketed as “Muslim Friendly”. If you think that about it scientifically, isopropanol and ethyl alcohol also can be used to make hand sanitizers. As funny as it is already, both chemical compounds are classified as alcohol. 

Higher the price?

They are selling ‘halal’ sanitizers for a much higher price, around US$8 (RM35), compared to those found in stores.

They showcase an action portrayed for the sake of their community to assist within the current phenomenon while not breaking any religious laws. 

But at the same time, making the price higher for his or her own community while they ought to have lowered or maybe kept it at an equivalent as others, make it affordable.

Personally, I think it is a backhand product that tries to thrive on innocent Muslims at a serious crisis like this. Plus, as I explained to you above, it’s still alcohol, what difference does it do?. 

Malaysian are smarter than these merchants think they’re. they’re feeding off on the fear of COVID-19 and sinning as a way to profit. Plus, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are 60 to 95 percent more successful in killing germs compared to only ethanol alcohol.

Minister within the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri’ was smart enough to try to what’s right and had given the green light for Malaysian Muslims to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers through an announcement on the ministry’s official website.


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