Golden Retriever Doesn’t Want Owner To Stop Playing Guitar

Golden Retriever Doesn't Want Owner To Stop Playing Guitar

We all love music, that’s undebatable. True, our taste in music might differ, but we still love music regardless of the way the tune is molded.But it turns out that it’s not just us humans who love music. In today’s story we bring to you the famous music-loving animal, it is none other than Bailey the golden retriever!

Her owner is Drew Cole. Bailey loves Drew Cole’s music so much, it is way too adorable that a video of her enjoying him playing his guitar has gone viral with 14 million views. If you haven’t watched the video yet, please do by clicking on the video below!

Drew Cole

Both Drew and Bailey seem to have a very strong bond with each other. It’s very heartwarming to see such wholesomeness within a pet and their owners, especially when your pet is your number one fan and wouldn’t let you stop playing your guitar. What more could you ever want?

Here’s a little information about the infamous Golden Retriever. They are known for their friendly demeanors and tolerant personalities. By watching the video, you can already see that Bailey won’t tolerate it when the music stops. In fact, Bailey’s hilarious and adorable reactions have unintentionally launched Drew’s music career.

The video brought a lot of attention to Drew’s music channel.

And before Drew knew it, he found himself competing on The Voice, season 14. After competing for several rounds on team Adam, he eventually left the show but is still making great music. Nowadays among his music career, he also bar-tends in California.

Drew Cole’s Bailey Golden Retreiver

So…The video in question, let’s get to it!

It takes only a few seconds to understand why this 1:21 minute clip has captured the hearts of so many. While Drew strums away at his guitar, Bailey is happily smiling and bobbing her head as she seems to wear a massive happy smile. Drew is all too happy to oblige and strum away.

Drew Cole’s Bailey Golden Retreiver

She won’t take her eyes off Drew as she pants away excitedly.

Then, as soon as he stops…Bailey does too.

Drew Cole’s Bailey Golden Retreiver

The second that Drew stops strumming his upbeat guitar, Bailey stops smiling, stops bobbing her head, and suddenly becomes very serious. She seems to wear a very disappointed expression and continues to stare Drew down. She is not impressed, and she wants him to know. If she was a judge on The Voice, Drew would definitely be on team Bailey.

Then, as soon as Drew begins playing again, she gets back into it.

Drew Cole’s Bailey Golden Retreiver

Without missing a beat (if you’ll pardon the pun), Bailey resumes her happy-go-lucky head bobbing, and a big smile springs back onto her face. It’s clear that she not only loves Drew’s fun song but loves Drew very much too.

Sadly, as is inevitable with all dogs, Bailey is no longer with us.

Drew posted to his Facebook a heartfelt notice that she had passed away. He explains in this post that she had made a dramatic impact on his life not just for bringing international attention to his music.

“She’s now in doggy heaven bobbing her head to music forever. Bailey had a great life and I thank you all for being a part of it in some way. We will always remember her and the joy she gave the world.”

Watch the full video below to enjoy Bailey’s head-bobbing brilliance!

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Sources: YouTube / Drew Cole on Facebook

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