Going Back To Normal Life After COVID-19 – When And How?

Going Back To Normal Life After COVID-19 - When And How?

With the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world had to switch to a lifestyle that was never there before. Working from home, not allowed to go out, people are missing a lot more than the Friday nights. When will we get to that life again?

All the countries are working their best to get rid of this virus. While these actions will cause a reduction in the number of cases, it would not be wrong to say that it will take some time to get things back to normal. The schools shut down, travelling restricted, businesses not in operation, the damage all these are causing to the social life, economy, mental health of people are endless. But as everyone is aware, it is not like we have any choice other than lockdowns.

The countries require an “exit strategy”, to remove the restrictions and go back to normal. But the issue lies in the fact that the virus will not disappear so easily. The moment we start removing the restrictions step by step, that in turn leaves spaces and holes for the virus to come back.

The nature of the exit strategy to be implemented is a big issue, because none exists as of the moment for any country, according to the professor of infectious disease epidemiology at University of Edinburgh, Mark Woolhouse.

The three possible ways out of the situation are as follows:

Satisfactory number of people developing immunity
A permanent change in our societal behavior

1. Vaccination

Vaccines will make people immune to the virus even if exposed. If about 60% of the population is immunized, the virus cannot cause breakouts and extreme measures like lockdowns (“Herd Community” concept).

Vaccines for the virus are being developed in countries like Japan, the US etc. But, for them to get through medical boards and finally arrive in the market for public access, it is going to take 12-18 more months.

2. Satisfactory number of people developing immunity

If the number of cases are decreased, some restrictions can be removed at least for a while. But, new cases will rise in a while and it will need restrictions to be imposed once again.

However, these stages can create a herd community. For natural immunity to develop in people, again, it is going to take more time, at least two more years.

3. A permanent change in our societal behavior

In other words, continuation of our current lifestyle, however hard it is, because it is the most effective in cutting down transmission of the virus.

In conclusion, there is no “best” exit strategy that can be used with immediate effect. However, developing medicine that can cure infected patients will help other measures. To increase the intensive care unit capacities will also be an added help.

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