Glorious Retirement Homes For The Elderly In Japan


Far away, covered by trees and flowers in Shizuoka,  known as the “Japan’s Riviera”, lies a small collective of cute cottages. There lie enchanting retirement homes known as Jikka, planned by Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma. The surrounding gives out an enchanted twist to it, that we expect woodland sprites and nymphs to appear at any moment.

This group of teepee-shaped huts gathered in the Japanese countryside may look like a nice play space for children. The result is of an all-glass building inspired by the chambers of an ants’ nest.

This cutting edge safe house tucked away among nature was at first constructed focusing on just two retired ladies in their 60’s. One of the ladies was a social specialist while the other was a cook. 

It’s structured into a teepee like plan to coordinate it to the rugged scene to form it as a piece of nature. It likewise gives present-day comforts inside. it’s ideal for individuals who spent their whole lives working hard and can at last live in a spot with relaxation. 

The Jikka was developed utilizing mainly concrete and timber, the 100-square-meter site is outfitted with a kitchen, dining zone, shared room, visitor room, and washroom. Don’t worry, they even got a wheelchair-available winding formed pool for older ladies to unwind in. 

The best thing about this is that the complex prepares and delivers the healthiest and most delicious meals to the senior resident of the network. 

“I saw the Jikka House on Belgian Television. Every year I come to Japan, because I love Japan. So I decided to try to come to Jikka house. But the problem is there is no way to contact the Jikka house: no email address, and when I try to phone, there is no answer. Can anybody help me to give a way to contact them? I really want to meet these ladies and eventually stay there for 1 night, when possible. I would appreciate it very much!” Warm regards, Karel Nauwelaerts Belgium

Jikka is the ideal retirement retreat.

Image Credit: Takumi Ota

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