Hilarious Christmas Fails


We hope you had a pleasant Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!

We all want everything to be perfect and run smoothly over the Christmas period, but that’s never the reality and people have taken to social media to share their festive fails.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the holidays can end up being slightly disappointing. Because they don’t live up to our expectations. Or the hype. Whether you’ve got the holiday blues or just need a good old dose of humor, we’ve got you covered.

Here we have compiled a list of the very best Christmas fails and hilarious accidents that are sure to improve your mood and get your spirits up. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of laughter and comparing your situation to that of others to help you realize life isn’t as bad as it might seem.

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#1 Not Only Did Grandpa Already Have This Shirt, But He Was also Wearing It When He Unwrapped It

#2 Gift I Received. Wrapped In A Such A Way That It Appears As If Linus And Patty Are Getting It On In Front Of Marcie

#3 Grandma Likes To Get Us Puzzles For Christmas. She Thought It Was An Elf

#4 We Left Some Christmas Decorations Out In The Driveway Last Night Which I Just Remembered When I Turned On My Car This Morning. I Just About Crapped My Pants

#5 Merry Christmas, Mom

#6 When The Christmas Card Photo Shoot With The Sheep Goes Wrong

#7 My Wife And I Have A Tradition Of Picking Out The Ugliest Tree At The Tree Farm. This Year We Hit A Grand Slam

#8 Went To The Office Holiday Party. Didn’t Know Corporate Was Going To Be There

#9 These Ho Ho Ho’s On Wrapping Paper Are Confetti. There Are 1000 Little Ho’s All Over My House, There Are Ho’s On My Kids, There Will Be Ho’s Forever

#9 These Ho Ho Ho’s On Wrapping Paper Are Confetti. There Are 1000 Little Ho’s All Over My House, There Are Ho’s On My Kids, There Will Be Ho’s Forever

#11 When Your Parents Wrap Your Presents Last Minute

#12 Merry Christmas!

#13 My Cousin Was *wrapping Presents

#14 Tom’s 1st Christmas

#15 My Cat Got Stuck In The Wall On Christmas Day

#16 I Put A Christmas Story Lamp In My Front Window And Not One Of My Neighbors Recognized It. Several Have Stopped To Ask Why I Have A “Weird, Gross Leg” On Display

#17 Those “Reindeer”

#18 Isn’t That Called Arson?

#19 When You Have Your Kid Paint Wrapping Paper But It Ends Up Looking Like You Murdered The UPS Guy And Stole His Packages

#20 The Disappointment In My Face After Getting The Same Shirt I’m Wearing For Christmas When I Was 11

#21 My Cousin Got A Drone For Christmas

#22 Merry Christmas Everyone

#23 My Boyfriend Said He Made Holiday Cookies

#24 This Basically Sums Up Traveling With Our Toddler. Merry Christmas

#25 I Used Chocolate Bells Instead Of Kisses. Is It Me Or Did I Just Make Christmas B***s?

#26 Buddy At Work Secret Santa Party Legit Just Got Gifted The Same Shirt He Is Wearing

#27 Brother And His Boyfriend, Maybe?

#28 This Is How Well Our Christmas Card Photoshoot Is Going

#29 Marry Christmas!

#30 Christmas Ice Marbles Expectations vs. Reality

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