Top 30 Funniest Baking Fails During Quarantine!

Quarantined People Are Sharing Their Failed Baking Attempts

Why not give baking a try they said, it would be a soothing experience they said. What they didn’t know was, not only was it soothing to do, but it could end up as an epic failure. A photo-worthy memory that would have everyone laughing! Making memories is what it’s worth. Who knows? Even though it might not look picture perfect, it could taste heavenly!

All the people out there with ZERO baking skills got their pans flying in the kitchen trying to get that perfect bread recipe done. Do you have tons of eggs, flour, sugar at your home? Get crazy with some recipes and, trust me, whether it come out good or bad, it’s gonna end up leaving a good memory and a fun time with your family. 

Bring out your inner chef and get this a go!

#1 ….. Um…… Yah….. It’s a good laugh alright!



See? What did I tell you? It could be so fun! Trust me, it’s not only you but many people are making their banana bread. The pandemic is actually bringing some baking skills to the people out there. Supplies to make baked goods are in high demand.  

Bloomberg reports that baking items have become a luxury item at this time of the pandemic.

Items in which sales have increased (%)

* bakery yeast: Upto 457%

*Flour: 155%

*Butter: 73%

*Baking powder: 178%

*Eggs: 48%

Robert Harper, the president at Hopkinsville Milling Co., said the company is currently packing twice as much flour as usual. Harper commented: “It started to look like Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one. People have time on their hands and are trying to save some money.”








Don’t worry, some of the pastry chefs are stepping into your help. They are giving you free tips to get your baked goods to come out nice. 

One of the popular tips given by a pastry chef is; “Cakes cook on so many different temperatures to get different results, so don’t think ‘ah, this temp will do,’ as it might not work, and you’ll learn that the hard way.”

And another tip, “For example, ‘beating’ or ‘folding’ techniques. If you’re not sure what a word means, give it a little google first and you’ll be good to go.”

#11 Is it just me? Or does it look like an octopus trying to escape the pan?




















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