“Fun 2020” Photo Competition Shows What Fun Means To Different People


Agora held a photo competition called #Fun2020 which asked people to send in their photographs of people having fun. There were more than 9000 photos in the competition, and the winner who got the most votes was @trantuanviet, a Vietnamese photographer.

The answer to the question that participants had to focus on, was “What does fun mean to you?”. The definition of “fun” is dependent on the individual, because people have their own specific ways of having fun. For some, it’s going out with friends, while for some it’s staying home all day playing video games.

The competition started on 6th March, and Top 50 finalists were announced on April 1st, on the Agora app. From there on, who deserves to be the winner was to be decided by the app’s users who voted for their most favourite photograph.

So, which photos do you like? Have a look!


Location: Moc Chau, Vietnam
“On the occasion of the Tet national holiday, the Mong children wear traditional clothes and visit all the houses of the village.”
@nguyenvuphuoc (Vietnam)


Location: Kushtia, Bangladesh
“The boy in this picture comes from a poor family, they can hardly afford toys in their situation. But the kid was very happy with the tire his father had brought home from work. I didn’t ask him to smile, we were just playing hide and seek behind this tire and he was laughing the whole time.”
@sujonadhikary (Bangladesh)


Location: Avondale, Lusaka, Zambia
“October is summertime on this side of the world. And on this particular day, it was blistering hot. I was washing my car with my son in the afternoon, and I guess he decided to take advantage and make the most of all that water and cool off. The water supply in our area is very erratic, so when we do get water we are very mindful of how we use it. But on this particular day, I decided to forget all of that and let the boy have fun with all that water. My son showed me that he was happy, truly happy with what he had. The expression on his face was pure joy and happiness.”
@bonkoti (Zambia)


Location: Mingun, Myanmar
@sakter (Bangladesh)


Location: Canning, West Bengal, India
“After a long hot summer, everyone was waiting for the relief of the monsoon and its heavy rain. The rural kids were celebrating in a unique, entertaining way.”
@pranab_basak (India)


Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam
“A group of children laughs as they play with old motorcycle tires in a sand dune of Mui Ne, a coastal fishing town that is one of the most famous travel destinations in Vietnam. Every day, many children come to the dunes to play and work with their parents. Children offer sand slides for hire and sell squeezed coconut, mothers sell powdered flour while the fathers drive the motorbike taxi. Children here are poor, they are not familiar with modern electronic devices like the children in the city. They work hard but they’re always happy, and their joy comes even with simple games. I plan to spend all the prize money to support the Vietnamese COVID-19 fund.”
@trantuanviet (Vietnam), #Fun2020 Hero


Location: Barcelona, Spain
“The 3 kids in the photo are triplets, and I’ve known them since they were in the belly of their mother! Here, the triplets are in a bakery just in front of the oven where their grandfather worked for more than 30 years. The photos of this shooting were a present for the grandfather’s birthday. It was a lot of fun to build up all the set-up, the lights and decoration, together with the family of the triplets (also cousins, uncle, and aunt) and the staff of the bakery…everybody there knew the grandfather of the kids and they were all very happy and touched to prepare this photoshoot for him to have a memory of ‘his oven’.”
@suewetjen (Germany)


Location: Tp. Buôn Ma Thuột, Vietnam
“Although he’s more than 90 years old, he’s still in great shape. I pictured him just before he went to get water in the nearby river.”
@tuanngocphoto (Vietnam)


Location: Voronezh, Russia “My daughter wanted a photo with her favorite pet, but the cheeky hamster kept running away.” @tinozavrus (Russia)


Location: Khedol, Tay Ninh, Vietnam “The kids took advantage of the harvested fields to create a football pitch. Although the pitch was very hard and watery, they played with such inspiration and passion. Their biggest dream was to score a goal in a proper stadium.” @tuan1368 (Vietnam)


Location: Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya @spartanphotography254 (Kenya)


Location: Kon Tum, Việt Nam @thaibana.vn (Vietnam)


Location: St Petersburg (Russia) “It was the last day of an unusually warm winter in St. Petersburg. It was such a great moment with my two daughters, we loved saying goodbye to winter! Happiness lays in simple little things.” @nayagrig (Russia)


Location: Vietnam “Can you guess how old is he? Yes, he’s 86 years old but he doesn’t look old at all, right? That’s the power of smiling, the power of having fun because the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” @andylam (Vietnam)


Location: Bogor Jawa barat, Indonesia “I love to see my nephews having fun together! I come back to my hometown once a year to visit my family. This is a kite I brought them from the city, they spent all summer playing around with it in the rice fields.” @erwinsaleh (Indonesia)


Location: Detroit, USA “It was just incredible to watch that scene in Detroit. Detroit is a city that people call “dangerous”, a city full of negative opinions, and I don’t know why. It’s a place I really loved, and watch that scene of a policewoman playing basketball with that boy was incredible. 10 minutes before that, I was taking portrait pictures of the two policewomen working, and they were just so happy about me asking for their pictures.” @nicoprg (France)


Location: Phaan, Myanmar “The people from the Kayin tribe live alongside the Thai-Myanmar border. When I got to the top of the mountain, I spotted these two Kayin ladies chatting and having a laugh together. With such a beautiful background, I couldn’t help but capture this magic moment.” @naingtunwinbagan (Myanmar)


Location: Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain “I went to see the San Petersburg ballet perform in Madrid, and took some great photos of the show. The dancer in the picture contacted me as she noticed the pictures of the show I had posted on Instagram. We agreed to collaborate for a photoshoot in an abandoned train station to contrast with her elegance. We shot on the 8th of March, just two days before the state of emergency was declared in Spain, which means these are the last pictures I took outside my home!” @rafaelgranados (Spain)


Location: Paranaque City, Philippines “Nowadays, I seldom see kids playing in a primitive way like this in the photo. It may be simple, but full of social interaction and fun! Or perhaps they are not lucky enough to have fancy gadgets, nice home or food on the table. Whenever I go to this place, most of these young kids are chasing me to take a photograph of them. And for me, I’m lucky enough to capture their genuine smile and happiness.” @renebernal (Philippines)


Location: Calajoan Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines “I wanted to capture the joys of life in the simplest of ways: the happiness of being a kid, forgetting your problems even for a short period of time. There’s always so much more that life has to offer. I really wanted to capture a scene where children would jump in the water, but it didn’t work out so well. As I was post-processing this image, I noticed the raw emotion of pure happiness expressed by the children as they were jumping in the water.” @jemalmunds (Philippines)


Location: Russia “The kids had the best afternoon ever playing in their homemade spaceship, under the supervision of their furry captain.” @katerinazefirova (Russia)


Location: Narsingdi, Bangladesh “Hundreds of meters of newly dyed, bright red cotton are rolled out to dry in the sun. The workers manage to cover almost 100 hectares with 500 feet-long strips. It takes four hours for a strip to dry completely. This kid was having great fun, jumping from a strip to another!” @azimronnie (Bangladesh)


Location: Bogor, Indonesia @dikyedarling (Indonesia)


Location: Pamulang, Indonesia “This photo tells the story of two best friends who are playing a traditional game called Kelereng, full of fun and happiness.” @aburizchi (Indonesia)


Location: Austria “For the past 6 years, my best friends and I have been meeting up for a weekend at the farm. We always take a group picture to keep a memory, but it gets crazier every year! We just wanted to have one picture that sums up all the good times we had together. Looking forward to the next one!” @hardingmicha (Austria)


Location: Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia “This photo was taken during the festival of Old Buton Cultural Charm, where elementary school children perform a colossal dance alongside 5000 other dancers. I wanted to highlight the expression of joy and happiness on the kids’ faces after having completed the performance successfully, they were so proud!” @rustamawat (Indonesia)


Location: Laos “It was boiling hot outside, so we went cave exploring. This light was just so mesmerizing that I had to use it for a photo. So we climbed all the way to the back of the cave to set up the composition, and then I went back for the jump! It was actually quite dangerous and slippery in there, and I was on top of a rock, so I really had to watch out how I jumped in order not to fall.” @johandroneadventures (Belgium)


Location: Balerna, Switzerland “I took this shot during a basketball game with my best friends. We were messing around and had a lot of fun with the drone!” @pherrography (Switzerland)


Location: Gai Lai, Viet Nam “I took this photo on the occasion of the Gong culture festival, celebrated by the Gia Rai ethnic group and taking place in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. This celebration was declared a “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO.” @phamchiconghp (Vietnam)


Location: Brahmanbari, Bangladesh “In Bangladesh, rural kids are used to making their own toys. In this photo, they had made a tricycle from scratch. To me, this photo captures the essence of childhood: the most important thing is to be creative, whatever resources you may have, and have fun.” @rozelkazi (Bangladesh)


Location: Appennini piemontesi, Italy “I took this photo during my last trip before the COVID-19 pandemic. We did not expect such a landscape. We decided to hike this mountain to get a perfect view when the sun rises. When the blue hours began, we started to jump around and scream because we knew we were going to get an epic shot, that’s why I named the photo “jump of happiness”.” @samuelemiccoli (Italy)


Location: Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain @victordevalles (Spain)


Location: Phan Rang, Vietnam @phamhuytrung (Vietnam)


Location: GuBahi Beach, Buton Tengah, Indonesia “There’s nothing more fun than exploring the world with your best friends.” @sahlankokasinta (Indonesia)


Location: Siargao Island, Philippines “One day, we jumped on our bike and found a swing hanging off a palm tree across a little local river. During the sunrise, we saw local kids jumping, laughing and paddling on a tiny wooden boat. When we arrived there, these big-hearted kids immediately offered us to play with them and try jumping to the river from the palm tree. We were having one of the best days of our lives, filled with pure joy. All thanks to these beautiful, kind and talented Filipino kids.” @maky&matt (Czech Republic)


Location: Perth, Australia “My younger brother was playing with the remote-controlled plane and suddenly lost control of it, which gave me inspiration for this fun photo. It took me ten attempts to take this photo, my hands were quite hurt but it was worth it!” @asadksungkar (Indonesia)


Location: Praya, Indonesia @adingkuswara (Indonesia)


Location: North Vietnam “These Vietnamese mountain villages are an explosion of colors and hospitality. These smiles tell the story of an unforgettable afternoon spent with amazing people. This shot was absolutely spontaneous, upon returning from the visit of a temple, many of the children who welcomed us at the entrance of the village all sat in a row on this wall. I had just enough time to take a few shots before they all ran away laughing!” @marcotagliarino (Italy)


Location: Vyshnevolotsky, Russia @kkoresh (Russia)


Location: Accra, Ghana “The baller wasn’t really ready, so I had to take some shots while he was warming up. The story behind the photo is training hard for what you want. When one never gives up on his dreams, he achieves them. Through pain, we gain the toughest things.” @calvin_walker (Ghana)


Location: Chicago, USA “I was visiting Chicago for the first time. This funfair was right next to Lake Michigan. My friends and I went on the ride, it was such a thrill! Once back on the ground again, I took a picture of others enjoying the feeling of flying in the air. It’s liberating and scary at the same time.” @guz (Germany)


Location: Saale-Holzland-Kreis, Germany “I’m always looking for new patterns to shoot with my drone. Looking through Google Maps, I found this silo with car tires very interesting from above.” @wunderbilder (Germany)


Location: Banten, Indonesia “This picture shows three stunt riders practicing on the Wall of Death, a popular show in Indonesia. They speed around at sometimes more than 100 km/h! To them, having fun means taking risks!” @drozzan (Indonesia)


Location: Stephenson, USA “The day was warm, a little too warm for us to both stay inside and stay outside. So in an effort to cool off, we made a slip ‘n slide. Initially, this little girl was really afraid to take the leap in sliding as fast as she could on the slip ‘n slide, but once she did you would have never known she was hesitant! It was an enjoyable time that kept everyone cool and having lots of fun.” @hwilson8 (USA)


Location: Verona, Italy @cunodebruin (Netherlands)


Location: France “There was such a great bond between these two. A mother who turns into a lion: it’s not so common and it spices up a shooting to have a natural photo!” @photolivestudio (France)


Location: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts dance studio, Istanbul, Turkey “Flashback on a fun photoshoot with two of my best friends. It all worked out really well in the end!” @birazhayalci (Turkey)


Location: Banyuwangi, Indonesia @wahidhasyim (Indonesia)


Location: Pantano del Ebro, Spain @davidgonzalezarnaiz (Spain)


Location: La Crique, France @pascalpbz (France)

Image credits: agoraimages.com

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