Former Nurse Demonstrates Using Paint How Easily Coronavirus Spreads

Former Nurse Demonstrates Using Paint How Easily Coronavirus Spreads

Instructions by WHO on how to prevent infection of COVID-19 is seen and heard everywhere. Still, some people fail to stick to these guidelines. How easily the virus can be contaminated and how serious this medical condition is, have not still gone to the heads of a lot of people, it seems.

Former emergency room nurse recently went to the nearby grocery store, and she was not happy with what she saw there. Although people were wearing gloves, they were still not following the exact guidelines. This made Molly share on Facebook, a video of how easily this virus can spread.

She uses a simple method to demonstrate how the germs can spread. Most people seem not to realize that even talking and breathing are possible ways of spreading the virus. She wanted to show that just wearing gloves are not going to keep people safe.

She told that “I was doing some painting around the house and it hit me that paint would be a perfect medium to use to explain this. It terrifies me to think people believe they’re safe only because they are wearing gloves and not have them be aware that they could still be harming themselves or others”.

In the video, she first wears gloves and takes her mobile phone. Once she gets inside the store, she cleans the shopping cart and takes some toilet paper. She uses paint on her hands to clearly show how easily the germs can get to places while doing the simplest of tasks.

She hopes that people will learn something from her video and be more cautious afterward. Watch the video below.

Image credits: molly.mckillop

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