Falcon Photographed Carrying A Face Mask

Falcon Photographed Carrying A Face Mask

Capturing photographs of wildlife in their natural habitat is not easy. But what can be devastating is having to photograph them with a face mask.

Peregrine Falcons belong to the Hawk family and are known to be world’s fastest bird. While commonly preferring open spaces, the bird can be seen anywhere from desserts to cities with skyscrapers. Its name means “wanderer”, which is why it can be found widely wandering outside, especially during its nesting season. Squirrels, average sized birds and sometimes Mice are a peregrines’ typical survival food.

The falcon is much admired by photographers. A rare photograph of the bird in its natural form can be a cherry on top of cake to a collection of unique captures of any photographer.

With the intention of capturing this rare bird of prey, Steve Shipley, a wildlife photographer, traveled to North Yorkshire. Steve captured the bird which he believed to look only about 4 weeks old.

flying bird

Later, to his dismay, the photographer spotted the Falcon with a face mask tangled in its claws. It is when he was editing his captured images that he had noticed this saddening part of the image when he zoomed it to see what the bird was carrying.

Bird Flying Away with Face Mask

The photographer believes that the mask must have entangled in the claws of the bird while looking for food. He also believes that the bird might have been flying with the mask in its claws for quite some time thinking it might have been some kind of food.

Bird with Face Mask in Claws

News like this can be alarming. Face masks have been encouraged as an essential daily use. Disposable face masks seem to be adding to the growing issue of increasing wastage. While some people use reusable face masks, majority are using disposable masks.

The photographer commented:

Photographer Steve Shipley Comment Quote

People have to be cautious about the disposal of these face masks. While the whole purpose of masks is to stop corona virus from spreading, acts like these can be harmful and risky as it can cause the spreading of germs.

People should be more responsible in protecting the environment around them.

Image Credit: Steve Shipley/BNPS

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