Dog Steals Owner’s Gigantic Fake Human Teeth And Immediately Becomes An Internet Sensation!

Dog Steals Owner's Fake Human Teeth

Quarantine is making us do crazy things. Some join Tiktok and Tiger king.  But Ben Campbell had other plans. Ben Campbell wanted to do something simple and still have a good time with it.

So he got this crazy idea to buy giant fake teeth. In his mind however he just wanted to look in the mirror with the giant teeth, maybe capture some selfies to upload on his social media and have a little laugh.

But oh boy, did things turn out hilarious. Ben Campbell also happens to have a mischievous little dog.  His name is Thomas. This little naughty dog found his way to the teeth. It grabbed the teeth that were left on the table by its mouth.

Ben was shocked at the sight! Mind that he could have taken the teeth back, but instead Ben helped the dog to hold the teeth right side up which resulted in Thomas to have a huge set of human teeth.

Ben couldn’t hold his laughter for much longer and snorted with laughter the moment Thomas was staring at him. Thomas would have thought he had done something bad and that’s why Ben was staring at him. Ben was finding it so funny that he filmed the entire scene. Ben asks Thomas, “Thomas What are you doing!?”.

Thomas was on the mindset that he stole the teeth so he was only staring back at his owner with the huge set of human teeth that made it even funnier making everyone who watches the video laugh hysterically.

This was quick enough to get shared across social media. It had received thousands of likes and comments. Ben’s simple act became a huge entertainment not only for himself but to people across the world!

We are forever thankful for him being able to capture this wholesome moment and sharing it with us! Take a look at the live-action by clicking on the video below.

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