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Dog Finally Gets Adopted After His Mother’s Attack Left His Face Wonky

Dogs are, without a doubt, perhaps the best friends of our human lives. They don’t pass judgment, don’t check on somebody’s character or looks, they simply accept life as it comes. In certain cases, people can’t see past a creature’s outside and pick four-legged companions that are stylishly satisfying. Fortunately, there are ones who judge a dog, not by their looks, yet by their heart and that is actually what a couple did. Amanda Richter and her Boyfriend Brad Ames did when they came to know about Brodie.

Brodie is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, who was, unfortunately, attacked by his mother at a fragile age of 13 days. The attack left the puppy’s face disfigured and as of result, Brodie is now partially blind. But once Richter and Ames set their eyes on the dog, they fell in love.

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Brodie is a German Shepherd/Border Collie blend, who was, tragically, assaulted by his mom at a delicate age of 13 days. The assault left the pup’s face deformed and as a result, Brodie is currently partly visually impaired. However, once Richter and Ames put their focus on the doc, they felt so much care for the dog.

Brodie’s new owners did not think about his wonky looks when they visited Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, they felt Brodie was made for them and they adopted him at a glance.

The new owners used a unique Instagram account to tell the world about  Brodie’s life and how much enjoyment he was having. In certain recordings he can be seen happily playing with a ball, in others he’s getting elated head scratches and it genuinely appears as though he isn’t irritated by his looks. As fans asked to see Brodie as a little dog, the owners posted a photograph which said:

“Many of you asked what Brodie looked like when he was a puppy… here you go! Credits to his old family for showing us exactly how sweet pup he was!”

Before having to live with Amanda Richter and Brad Ames’ family, Brodie was once taken care of by someone else. Anyway, they needed to give him back to the place as they couldn’t handle the little guy’s high energy.

As photographs of Brodie circulated around the internet and individuals swarmed to his social media account, the little guy’s owners replied with their thanks and urge others to adopt creatures like Brodie:

“It’s not hard to understand any reason why everybody cherishes this little dog as much as we do lol. We trust that this acknowledgment will help other people settle on the choice to save and embrace, particularly those “not really great” creatures out there! They also need love as much as anybody. Appreciate all the love!

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