Do You Think You Can Resist These Fluffy Paws? (Of Spiders?)


Despite being small in size, spiders easily scare people off even when they are 10 feet away. We adore and share online those cute photographs of giants like lions and tigers who can rip our skin off in like 10 seconds, right? Wel, don’t you think that we ought to give spiders a chance too? I guess maybe after going through the following pictures, you might as well feel like cuddling a spider! 

One reason we never gave spiders a chance is because we never get to see them close up (unless you’ve met one resting on your body when you wake up in the morning!). Well, if you take a very close look at spiders, one thing that will make you fall in love with them (hopefully) is their teeny tiny paws – yes, PAWS (like a pup’s) – which are called tarsus. 

Technically, they are not really paws, but you can keep calling them so if you want to think that spiders are cute (and save a lot of screaming every time you see one)! It is actually a total of 8 of these paw-like parts that form one complete leg of a spider. Similar to a dog, their paws have claws too. What differentiates them is that those legs do the jobs of ears and nose. 

These cute paws can mostly be seen in tarantulas, and their legs can be expanded almost to the size of your dinner plate – up to 30cm. What makes these paws fluffier are the 600,000 tiny strands of fur. Don’t you feel like petting one, now? 


Michael Pankratz






Michael Pankratz






Michael Pankratz


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