Disabled Dog Returned To Shelter Many Times Finally Finds His Happily Ever After


This sweet dog’s name is Bandit. He is a loving dog that was in care at Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program. He is a disabled dog. He has 2 impair back paws. He needs his wheelchair to move around. Bandit cannot move around without it.  It broke the hearts of the staff members to find Bandit being returned over and over again from potential forever families. 

Imagine the pain of being rejected repeatedly. His heart has been broken so many times that the staff members made sure his heart won’t break again. They strengthened the family search. Finding a suitable family that meets his needs and helps him with specific tasks. 

Gwinnett Jail Dogs Programme kept finding the right family for him. They even posted a story on Facebook. And it attracted lots of people’s attention. Especially the attention of Darrel and Sue Rider.

Darrel and Sue Rider were overwhelmed with happiness when they saw the post. They just knew that Bandit belonged with them. Darrel suffers the same type of Paralysis as Bandis. And the couple felt like they were DESTINED to meet this adorable pooch. 

Due to Darrel’s condition, Darrel and Sue knew how exactly to treat Bandit. They overcame every obstacle together.  And they want to do the same for Bandit. To be there for him. To make sure he is just fine the way he is. Making him feel nothing but loved. 

Darrel, on the other hand, can’t wait to have his own wheelchair buddy. They didn’t waste any time. They contacted the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program straight away. And it was hard at first to get into the adoption because the Gwinnett Jail Dogs staff didn’t want Bandit to feel abandoned again. They wanted to make sure they were the right one for him.

Once they figured they were fit to take Bandit for adoption they were filled with joy. Discussions last for over a month. And the moment they saw Bandit, it was first sight love!. 

Darrel felt an instant connection with Bandit the moment he laid eyes on him. They were both excited to go home with Bandit and start a new life together. 

Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program staff were overwhelmed with joy to finally see Bandit getting his happily ever after. Yet they are so sad to see him go. They miss seeing that joyful face early in the morning. Darrel and Sue Rider made sure that the doors are always open for them to come by and check-in on Bandit.

Darrel and Sue always felt like there was something missing in their life. And as soon as Bandit came into their life, that emptiness was gone. They were complete. The moment Bandit reached their home, he felt comfortable as if it’s his own home. They go on adventures, making up for all the years Bandit lost. He is at his happiest place. 

Bandit was returned so many times that his heart got broken beyond repair, and look at him now. He is at his happiest that he has ever been. He is filled with love and care. And I’ll finish this story by just saying; “and they lived happily ever after!”

Image Credit: Darrell Rider

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