Dad & Son In Spotlight Of “Blinding Lights” Tik Tok Challenge

Dad & Son In Spotlight Of

What’s better than having a dance-off with your family members during the quarantine? Lockdown not only restricts seeing the outside world but also our physical activities. Fortunately, there’s an outstanding dance challenge on Tik Tok that’s helping make quarantine a little more entertaining.

You may have heard about “Blinding Lights”. It is the most famous drifting music at this moment! It’s delivered by the infamous Weeknd. This tune has been boosting in the Tik Tok stage as a dance challenge. The melody has circulated around the web. Many Tiktokers’ practices a dance routine to this tune. Anyway, as splendid as the song ends up being, there’s one video, specifically, that is circulated around the web featuring an entertaining yet lovable dancing father from Louisville, Kentucky.

McFarland Dad and Sons

The celebrated siblings Colin and Dylan McFarland chose to hop in on the dance challenge too, making sure their father named Dan, joined it too. They have their very own TikTok channel called “The McFarlands” with more than 897K followers.

It all starts with a reluctant Dan sitting and looking at his phone.

McFarland Dad

First Dan is seen watching a “Blinding Lights” challenge TikTok videos until his grown sons come in with a question. One asks, “Can you do that?” The other says, “Dad, people NEED you!”

Dan wasn’t sure whether he could actually do it. But my oh my, we were indeed lucky as he pops up and heads out the door with his sons for a dance session.

McFarland Dad and Sons

This can’t get even more wholesome! It is packed with wholesomeness and love within a family.

The trio races down the stairs, into the garage, then out to the driveway. Set to The Weeknd’s’ catchy song – they fly into action performing the energetic routine. They start with a dab and get into the lightning-fast footwork that gives you the feeling you’ve been beamed back to a different decade.

McFarland Dad and Sons

The expressions on their faces portray pure happiness – especially the dad. He looks overjoyed! Really, how can you keep a straight face looking at Dan?

At the end of the video, Colin and Dylan lift their dad into the air for a grand finale move. It’s hysterical to watch and it is like the cherry on top of the cake.

McFarland Dad and Sons

Tiktok is packed with numerous challenge videos that deserve applause, The McFarlands’ version currently has more than 1.8 million “likes” on TikTok and has been covered by news sources like Fox and Daily Mail.

McFarland Dad and Sons

After Daily Blast Live shared the video on their program, comments were left on their YouTube channel:

“Thank you for this video, it made me smile for the first time in weeks. We need laughter now more than ever.”

McFarland Dad and Sons

Someone else wrote a similar comment, saying:

“I do agree that was WONDERFUL. This really does bring a smile to our face in this time of need ”

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Sources: TikTok/The McFarlands, Daily Blast LIVE, Fox News

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