The Italian government was given a proposal by the crisis management team in Turin on the way to address the present COVID-19 pandemic if the virus gets out of control.

They propose the healthcare sector to prioritized who should receive the treatments with immense care and who should haven’t any treatments in the least.

These harsh protocols were made just in case Italy runs shorts of medical care capacity and supplies if the coronavirus continues to infect thousands of individuals in Italy.

The civil protection department within the Piedmont region, which is that the crisis management team of Italy, has proposed that victims that are ages 80 or beyond or during a critical condition should be denied access to medical care if the coronavirus doesn’t stop spreading within the country.

Which means they’re going to be left to die. The proposal was obtained via a telegraph it contains how the patients are to be treated amidst of shortage of hospital beds. Minding that, hospitals are overcrowded thanks to the continual spread of illness. 

“Who lives and who dies is set by age and by the patient’s health conditions. this is often how it’s during a war,” the document reads.

Due to the epidemics, they need to balance the clinical needs of infected patients and confirm they need medical care resources. 

As the telegraph says, in line with Chaos, the death toll from coronavirus pandemic continuing its relentless rise in Italy announcing 651 dead in one day, bringing total to five,476, surpassing China’s 3,261 death toll.

The Italian government has no choice but to implement the protocol.

“Should it become impossible to supply all patients with medical care services, it’ll be necessary to use criteria for access to intensive treatment, which depends on the limited resources available,” said the document.

However, the protocol will only be imposed if the “situation becomes such an exceptional nature”. this suggests if they’re in limited resources, the protocol urges to focus just one those that have the probabilities of recovering aka “potential survival.”

Though the crisis management document has already been finalized it must be approved by the technical-scientific committee before they officially send it to all or any hospitals across Italy.

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