CORONA: Australia Stands Second Infected Country Due To The Same Mistake Done By Italy

  • Australians have been advised to get ready for 150 000 coronavirus deaths since they are committing a similar error that constrained Italy into a lock-down.
  • Australians are constraining the individuals who may be infected to isolate themselves which is the misstep that was made by Italy. They are being sent home to self-isolate and those with gentle manifestations have a greater chance to spread the infection than the individuals who show serious symptoms.

  • Paul Kelly, Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said on Monday 20 that 60 percent of the populace could get coronavirus.
  • There is already a serious quarantine case over China, the centre of coronavirus, with a death rate unfathomably quick.
  • Non-idiopathic gatherings of more than 500 people have been banned.
  •  People arriving from overseas must quarantine themselves for 14 days.
Customers have been taking extra precautions when heading out to do their groceries. Pictured: A woman buying water bottles at Coles in Waterloo while wearing a face mask
  •  A death rate of one percent is assumed, that would result in 50,000 people’s death.
  • 40 percent of people infected with the coronavirus would have 9.6 million people infected and could kill 100,000.
  • 60 percent infection rate would result in 15 million infections and 150,000 deaths.
  • If 20 percent of Australia’s population of 24 million was to get infected with the virus then 4.8 million people would have already been infected.
  • Social distancing measures are needed to control the disease, businesses and jobs must be shut down.
Two men in protective suits transporting a coffin in Italy as burials for coronavirus deaths are scheduled every 30 minutes
  • The government’s decision to get a Victorian company to make masks is a good move.
  • In the meantime, scientists are working on vaccines and amended treatments.
  • We should wash hands whenever we touch or leave a place.
  • If Australia doesn’t cooperate with the government, measures might need to be taken by locking down the county like in Italy and Korea.
  • Therefore please try avoiding contact with others.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson encourages social isolation measures until Monday.
  • Self-isolation has dramatically risen due to the increase in victims and warnings, in which it included warnings of 250,000 deaths.
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