US Aircraft Carrier With COVID-19 Infected Crew Requests Immediate Actions

US Aircraft Carrier With COVID-19 Infected Crew Requests Immediate Actions

The US is currently the worst COVID-19 affected country. While the public is in a crisis situation, the military is being affected by the virus too. The USS Theodore Roosevelt is a US Navy aircraft carrier, and the virus has got to its crew, infecting 70 sailors in the least. The situation is posing a great risk for the members, and the commander of the vessel has informed Navy leadership that immediate action needs to be taken to ensure their health.

The infected numbers continue to increase, raising questions about the safety of the members.

He suggests that many of them need to be kept in isolation for at least two weeks, given the fast spread of the virus. Although the carrier is already deployed, it should not be a factor in keeping them anymore, for obvious health risks. What is important at the moment is that their lives are protected, for their assistance is essential in the country’s activities. He emphasizes that not allowing more than 4000 men and women to leave for isolation will harm the trust the sailors have on them.

It was the San Francisco Chronicle that first reported the request by the commander. While he refused to specify the exact number of the affected, he assured that no one has been hospitalized, or in need of ICU care. The situation seems to be manageable as of yet, and what he is emphasizing is that it will become worse if no action is taken right now.

The process is taking time to get approved due to the unavailability of enough space to house, isolate and quarantine in Guam where the vessel is in port at the moment.

However, immediate action needs to be taken because the number has tripled since the first case. There were only three affected members one week ago, and it got to 25 in just two days. By Tuesday morning, it had escalated to over 70. Some action is necessary before the whole ship will need to be locked down.

Despite this situation, the ship is expected to function, according to senior US military officials. He is of the opinion that the ship is ever ready to sail if needed, and further mentioned that necessary actions are being taken regarding the infected. The responsibility that they have in terms of the nation’s safety is not slight, making it harder for them to be completely dysfunctional.

Capt. Brett Crozier , in the ships’ Facebook page, posted that members are in good spirits and are dealing with the situation as a challenge, and that he is proud of the team. However, there are 716 cases at the moment, and on Monday, the first death was announced.

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