China Is Relaxing COVID-19 Restrictions


COVID-19 continues to keep influencing our daily life in a way nothing has ever done. We’re stuck at homes, not allowed to go out, bored to death. Yes, but these are essential, given the situation that the whole world is facing. However, the epicentre of COVID-19, China, is loosening the restrictions imposed on its citizens over COVID-10, since no new cases were reported.

The report published on The Guardian states that the rigorous measures taken to control the situation in Wuhan are being relaxed step by step.

Residents who are considered to be not infected with the virus are allowed to leave houses and engage in activities in scattered groups. Further, if no COVID-19 patients were found from a particular area for consecutive 7 days, its residents are allowed to go out given that they make sure not to hang out in groups.

It’s amazing to hear how one of the worst COVID-affected countries as well as the starting place of the virus has been able to fight back the virus through its measures. As the data published by John Hopkins CSSE shows, since the beginning of March, Hubei’s patient numbers have plateaued, indicating a pause at around 67,000 cases. And it was revealed last Thursday how no new cases were reported.

China has set an example for the other countries that are battling against the COVID-19 situation, especially, countries like the US and Italy whose patient toll keeps getting higher.

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