Chasing True Love In The 21st Century

couple hanging off a cliff

Living in a technological era, we tend to live a virtual life where every romantic detail in your life is showcased on your Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook – in other words, SOCIAL MEDIA! This has taken a huge toll in the 21st-century relationships. 

Old school romance where you write love letters to say how much you love each other has become a “Once Upon A Time”. At present, you Snapchat or throw an Instagram post to prove how much committed you are in your relationship. It has become a tradition to scream to the world you are in a relationship through social media and if you aren’t open about it on social media so many negative eyes are thrown upon you, especially, from your own partner.

It is funny how society thinks showing off love through a post is more important than actually giving priority to being in love.  Flaunting extravagant but unrealistic love has created absurd standards on how to be in love. And wanting the society’s approval on one’s relationship has brought unnecessary pressure upon people. 

Do we need social media approval on relationships?

Through a 2016 survey that was conducted on 170 students who were in relationships, it was found out that offline couples were happier and willing to stay committed in relationships than online couples. This proves that you don’t need online approval to have a great relationship. 

A relationship takes place between two people and there may be friends and family involved around it. But, the online community’s involvement is not a necessity in a relationship. At times, needing online approval can harm a healthy relationship. 

When scrolling through your feed, if seeing this couple flaunting their movie like date makes you envious, STOP! You have no idea what goes on behind the picture. They may be really enjoying their date or maybe it is like one of those “expectations vs. reality” memes. Seeing a ‘couple goals’ posts online can create unrealistic aims in your relationship which can destroy the great chemistry that two people already have.

Being together is important 

Don’t be sad if your partner’s profile picture is not you or if he or she hasn’t changed their “single” status to “in a relationship”, on Facebook. At the end of the day, what matters the most is that your partner brings you meaning in life. 

old school couple

We are a society where we at times forget to cherish the real moments because we try to find the perfect picture to brag about on social media. The better thing is to have intimate moments to enjoy, rather than to capture. This will surely create a great bonding among two people. Love and live the moment, because you want happiness, not online validation. 

How can we build a strong relationship?

Communication – some say communication is like oxygen in a relationship and without it, it just dies. A healthy relationship is established upon good communication. Once you lose communication with your partner, it can create distance between you.  So talk, talk about your problems and your dreams. This will make your connection stronger.

Plan dates –  A date is one of those moments where you get to enjoy intimate moments with each other. So, planning dates with your better half can make each other happy and give you quality time to be with each other.

Honesty – honesty is a key component in building trust. Without trust, your relationship cannot run further. So, be truthful even about little things. Never lie to each other, because once you get caught up in lying it’s hard to get out from it. So, be honest and true to who you are. Let your partner fall in love with the real you.

Apologize and forgive – sometimes a relationship can be ruined because you were carrying too much pride to forgive and apologize. But, it is important to say sorry and forgive, as everyone makes mistakes and people do learn from them. However, do remember that if your partner is abusive you need to get out of that relationship. It is not an instance where you can forgive because you don’t deserve to be hurt.

Celebrate achievements- encouraging one another to be the best of them in life can make the bond stronger.  So, celebrate each other’s achievements and make your sweetheart feel proud of who they are. Neither of you has to change to meet anyone’s expectations!

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